Apr 13, 2011

Spring Shoes for the Kids

Pediped is one of my new favorite brands of kids shoes.  They are really well-made and very comfortable for kids and babies.  Many are machine washable and they hold their shape really well.  Many also come with 2mm insoles to extend the life of the shoe
(since kids seem to need a new size every couple of weeks! :)

I just thought all of these were adorable and really perfect for Spring:

Aren't they all super cute?!  I got to review these ones for Allie and she absolutely loves them.  Not only are they easy for her to get on and off herself, but as soon as she puts them on she says "let's go running!" probably because they are so comfy and easy to get around in :)

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Cat said...

I love pediped! I am excited to buy cute little girl ones this time around. but they have great little boy shoes too. and I love that it doesnt make walking any harder for them!