Mar 28, 2016

Easter Spring Photoshoot

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday yesterday!  My new favorite thing lately is setting up cute little photo shoots with my kids on the holidays.  I never do anything crazy- but if I look for ideas online I can always find some really cute and simple ideas and I literally only spend 10 minutes with the kids to get lots of cute pictures.  Here are some simple ideas if you want to do a Spring Photoshoot with your kids:

Mar 23, 2016

$25 of ELF Makeup Free and Make a Buck

****Update: This has been extended one more day!!****

Who wants to get $43 of makeup for free ($25 your choice and $18 gift pictured above) and even make a couple bucks on top of that?  I already did it, and here is how you can too:

Living Room Redo- Board and Batten DIY

So for my birthday this year I requested a little spruce up of the living room/kitchen where I spend most of my time and where there are some things we have been wanting to change and add since we have been living here.  We did board and batten in the living room then decided to use the leftover pieces and get some more to do the bathrooms while we were at it.  It made such a huge difference and after doing that I changed out a few accessories and felt like I had a whole new house!  I also touched up the white paint in my whole house (baseboards, cabinets, dresser, etc) so that made a huge difference too.  I was able to complete the whole house revamp for under $700- here is the breakdown:

Mar 22, 2016

Mar 16, 2016

Easiest Blackout Curtains for $15!

After having 3 kids and Allie starting school early in the morning my kids bedtime became VERY important to me!  Haha!  Allie and I used to stay up til 1am sometimes when my husband was working full time AND in school full time just so we could see him.  After Macsen came along bedtime was still pretty late- around 9/10pm.  It makes me laugh to say that my kids are now rarely out of their beds later than 8 and I usually get them in their beds at 7!  It is AWESOME and keeps me sane, but when the sun starts hanging around later it created a little bit of a problem- that is, until I made their black out curtains.

Mar 14, 2016

4 Recipes and 10 Healthy Freezer Meals for the Crockpot

So I recently decided to help my mom put together some freezer meals for my brother and I decided I would share them on the blog because it was a very successful endeavor!

8 Ways to Get the Best Vacation Deals