Dec 30, 2011

New Year Party

How fun would it be to do a cute New Year party?  So many great ideas:

Try this Target promotional code to save on party supplies.

Dec 28, 2011

Shopping List

Did any of you get money for Christmas and are just anxious to spend it?  My sisters, mom, and I didn't get the chance to go shopping together like we usually do, so I am waiting until I see them again in January to buy the things on my list.  Currently they are:

Long tees and tanks to go under things:
I also like the necklace and blazer...

 Leg warmers/long socks:
I also love that sweater...

A form-fitting sweater dress:

 A sequin sweater?

Cute blazer:

Chambray top and sequin tank:

 I'm holding off on buying pants until the baby weight is off, but tops are always my favorite to buy anyways :)

What's on your Christmas money shopping list right now?  Maybe I need to add a few things to mine...

Dec 27, 2011

Merry (Late) Christmas!

Thought I would make some of your Christmases even sweeter with a couple giveaway winners! 

For the Lilsteinstyles winner:

Beth said... 9 shared on twitter- entry 1!/stealsdealslife/status/141211196765372416

And for the Shabby Apple giveaway winner:

Tereza said... 10 I liked shabby apple on fb. my fb name is tereza opatril lyver :)

Congrats you two!  Contact me via email at jessicahills22 at gmail dot com to claim your prize!

Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas day!  This year is extra special for me, having a new baby boy and blessing him on Christmas Day.  It makes the true meaning of Christmas even more meaningful.

I hope you all know that I truly love our Savior and I am so grateful for Him.  I hope you have a meaningful day full of family and love!

Dec 22, 2011

Merry and Bright

Dec 20, 2011

Gift Guide: Owls!

From previous posts, you know that I am a fan of owls right now.  It seems like they are everywhere.  So, I just HAD to do a gift guide post on all the cute options you have for owl gift giving. :)

First up, I think there is really not a better place to buy from than Etsy.  So personal, handmade, and done by people doing something they love.

The shop with the CUTEST owl hats for kids I am featuring today is Swellamy.  She sent me this hat and it is just adorable on Allie.  I think these would be perfect for any kids or babies you are buying for.

I have also noticed really cute owl gifts for the cook:

You can find these all here

White Christmas

Dec 16, 2011

Gift Guide: For Your Kids & Pets

For me, kids and pets are the EASIEST to buy gifts for.  Probably because they are happy with ANYTHING! :)

So, I am just sharing a few things I have seen around that I thought were fun and cute.

Dog Meat Dog Toy Set $17

Kid's Tool Set from Lowe's $15

Dog Christmas PJ's $15

Playschool Lullaby Glowworm $11

Woodland Animal Family $40

Bedazzled Collar $9

Fruit Basket Ikea $8

You can find the links to all these items here.

Dec 13, 2011

Red and Green

Dec 12, 2011

Gift Guide: For the Women in Your Life

I personally think that women are the easiest to buy for...probably because I am one.  Here are a few things I thought just about any woman would love to get for Christmas:

Bride Apron:

Comfy slippers:

Cute pajamas:

Pretty decorative dish:


 Cute birds:

For the student:

Find these products here