Apr 27, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

If there is any holiday of the year I've been disappointed on its been Mother's Day.  Being a mom is HARD.  Like REALLY HARD.  So, if there is a day to thank and celebrate mothers it should be a big deal...but usually its not.  So, let's make it a bigger deal huh?  If doing the chores and changing ALL the poopy diapers and cooking all the food for your wife just isn't going to happen, presents are greatly encouraged ;)  Here are a few any mom would love:

1.  Less "Dangerous" Wedding Band

Apr 15, 2015

My 3 Fave Kids Hair and Skin Products

I always say it's a good thing I only have one girl because I am really not good at doing my kids' hair.  They have all hated getting their hair washed and brushed and it is such a pain!  I really dread doing it.  I wish I would have found these years ago, so if you struggle like I do, don't wait to try some of these!!

1.  SoCozy Professional Hair Collection for Kids

I have been using the Styling Cream and Styling Gel for Macsen and the Detangling Spray for Allie and I love them all!  They all smell really good and the Styling Gel and Cream aren't really sticky and gross like other ones I've tried.

Apr 14, 2015

Duelette for Moms

With Mother's Day fast approaching many of you are looking for some gift ideas.  I was recently sent the Duelette from Chilly Jilly and had to share.  These are bracelets that double as hair-bands- perfect for moms on the go!  These high-quality bands adjust to any size so they won't ever be too loose or too tight for your hair or wrist.  They come in white or black and options of 14k gold, silver, or both colors of beads.  I have been wearing mine in gold and white all the time!  

Check out the other combos and buy the girl in your life one at their website Chilly Jilly