Nov 27, 2013

Wooden Moving Toys: Part Two

For the second part of the Wooden Moving Toys this week I would like to share a shop with the most charming little pull and push toys you've ever seen.  Giggle Tree Toys has everything from dinosaurs to grasshoppers and they are just so cute!

Nov 26, 2013

Wooden Moving Toys: Part One

This week I am excited to share with you 2 shops from Etsy that specialize in wooden moving toys.  The first one today is Wooden Toys Northwest on Etsy.  Karl, owner of Wooden Toys NW makes amazing trucks, cranes, cars, and trains that would make any little (or big) boy giddy.  Karl sent me a crane and it is so well-made I was very impressed.  Macsen is going to play with it for hours.

Nov 25, 2013

Macsen & Baby Boy!

Well, I guess now is as good of time as any to tell you we found out we are having another BOY!  I am super excited, as I really wanted Macsen to have a little brother close to him and now they can share a room and make things easy for me! :)

I will leave most of the room the same, since it is already a boy's room.

I might add something like this faux throw (H&M) for some softness:

Nov 22, 2013

Wooden Learning Toys: Part 3

Today is the last post for wooden learning toys series.  apple n amos has many toy options for kids of all ages to learn and play with.

Nov 21, 2013

Dining Rooms

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I have dining rooms on the brain.  I LOVE having a little kitchen nook in my house for now, but if we ever move to a bigger place it might be nice to have a formal dining room where all the family and future grand-kids can gather.  I thought these were all gorgeous:

Nov 20, 2013

Wooden Learning Toys: Part 2

As part two of wooden learning toys week, I would like to introduce Mama May I.

Nov 19, 2013

Four Score Media

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address!

Nov 18, 2013

Wooden Learning Toys for Christmas

I am a HUGE fan of wooden toys for the kids.  I love Melissa and Doug, but if I can I would rather support a small business like ones found on Etsy.  This week I am going to share 3 adorable Etsy shops with you that provide quality, wooden toys that also help your kids learn.

Nov 15, 2013

Mooiio Cardboard Dollhouses

Today I am featuring a very original and fun Etsy shop called Mooiio: Cardboard Luxury.  They have amazing dollhouses and a couple other items that are just adorable!  

Nov 13, 2013

Master Bedroom

First of all I have to start by saying that this room is not done!  There are so many things I still need to get or change about it, but since I don't see that happening in the near future, I thought I would share what we have so far...

Mirror- Ross $20

Nov 11, 2013

Just Had to Share

So I JUST paid for this great deal and I had to share because I think that these are SUCH great gifts for the grandparents. 

Every year I make a new calendar and photo books for our family- calendars for the grandparents and a yearly photo album for our family.  I LOVE Picaboo, so when I saw this deal I was all over it!

Hurry and today you can get it 10% off with code VETERANS10 so it end up being about $31 for $100 of credit to Picaboo!  Plus, the other thing I LOVE about Picaboo is shipping is free.  Every other single photo book I have bought online has cost 10 bucks to ship, so this is awesome.

Just go HERE to get the deal!  Its on for a few days, but the 10% off is just today.  Even withouth it, $35 is a steal for $100 of credit there!

Bijuju Gifts for the Holidays

I am super excited to share this online accessory boutique with you today!  They seriously have the BEST selection and their accessories are a really really great quality and really great prices!

Let me introduce you to Bijuju:

Nov 8, 2013

Friday Giveaway: Clarks Kids Shoes

Well, I am super excited to be working with Clarks Shoes on this giveaway today, as I start off the Holiday Gift Guide for a Few of My Favorite Things.  I have always loved their shoes and they are my husband's VERY favorite brand- he will for SURE be getting a pair as a Christmas gift this year.

Since we get a lot of snow here in Utah, I was really excited to get Allie her very own pair of Clarks Kids snow boots and in her favorite color purple!  She was over the moon when she saw them and has worn them on days that were even a little warm for snow boots :)

Nov 7, 2013

Looks I'm Loving

Right now I am obsessed with big comfy tops- including sweaters.  Probably because that is my favorite thing to wear when I'm pregnant...and some comfy leggings or other bottoms.  Yes, I know leggings aren't really pants, but you know what?  When you are pregnant you are allowed to wear whatever the heck you want!  :)

Nov 5, 2013

Guest Post: Bathroom Wallpaper Idea

Hello! I am Amber Hash and I blog over "The Vanity Room"

The bathroom is a practical and functional place that promises – and generally delivers – privacy. This does not mean that you cannot let your creativity loose in the bathroom; on the contrary, the very smallness of the space should encourage you to indulge your wildest whimsy! Bathroom wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular, especially now that manufacturers can promise that waterproof paper and paste will keep your bathroom d├ęcor looking as good as new for years.

Mix it Up

Go for partial wallpaper coverage, using a mixture of paint and wallpaper to create a panelled effect. You can make your bathroom seem taller or wider if you are careful about the placing of these panels, effectively using extremely broad stripes to enhance or diminish the room's proportions!

Nov 4, 2013

Monday Funny

Nov 1, 2013

Entryway Organizer

How many of you have a little spot on your counter that is always covered in mail and papers?  I am guessing most?  I LOVE my counter-tops, so I am always trying to take things off of them and declutter so I can look at them :)  But, there is always that pesky mail spot that just keeps coming back.  See what I mean?

Well, why not make another place for all of that and hang it on the wall?
Martha Stewart knew what to do: