Feb 28, 2010

Babies Babies Babies!

Yesterday Trey, Allie, and I drove the canyon loop from Salt Lake to Orem to Heber and back to Salt Lake. Obviously the reason had something to do with babies...

First I got to stop by Ceci's baby shower in Orem while Trey and Allie played at a park. It was fun to see Crystal and meet some of Ceci's friends. My mom got Ceci this nursing cover. I really want one because I think it is so pretty...Don't you think so?

But my mom already got me this one that I love...because it is white and eyelet and I love both of those things...so I don't really need another one...or at least I can't justify it yet...

Then we hopped in the truck (literally I have to hop to get in it) and stopped by Carl's Jr. because we were hungry and they also had a Green Burrito (and I didn't feel like a hamburger.) I got the fish tacos. I don't know why, but fish tacos always sound good to me and I am always disappointed. We really don't eat out hardly ever...

Anyways, we drove out to Heber to go see Ryan and Amy's new baby boy!!!

Kaden is so sweet. He didn't want to sleep when we first got there, but after an hour or so he finally fell asleep and we got some pretty cute shots.

I was so excited about these pictures that I came right home and started playing with them. I will have LOTS (and I mean LOTS) to post this week so stay tuned.

And this last one is my favorite so far.

Feb 25, 2010

Experimenting Part 2

After Allie had a much needed nap I decided to play around with Christmas lights and a heart-shaped filter (homemade with paper and tape.)

I liked the lights in Allie's eye in this first one.

For the rest of these I decided to use my on-camera flash. At the photowalk they used a studio light to the side of the model (which I tried to recreate by setting this up next to a window, but there just wasn't enough light - especially for a moving subject.)

I think the lights in the background would have looked better if I had used 2 strings and bunched them up more. Even better if I could have gotten different sizes of light bulbs.

Notice in this last one the hearts in her eyes. :)

Experimenting Part I Click Here

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Feb 24, 2010


After the lighting photowalk, I started thinking about ways that I could create my own "studio looks" without actually having a studio.

The first thing I tried was using a backdrop with natural (outside) light.

I set up a screen/room divider I had painted white on my porch and put Allie in front of it to try it out.

I even brought out her rocking horse to keep her happy for a few minutes.

I literally had 5 minutes before she was tired of it and ready for a nap. :)

I am one of those moms...taking pictures and ignoring my crying baby :(

Crying never hurt anyone, right?

After her nap I tried something else...I'll post on that tomorrow.

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Feb 23, 2010

Ceci's Belly

Sunday after church we threw a surprise party for my little brother. We had all the cousins over and ate dinner and cake and played games. Ceci and Steven came a little early so I could take some maternity pics - aren't I lucky?!

Ceci looks too good to be as pregnant as she is!

There is a little boy in there!

Yeah, this baby is going to be adorable...

Thanks for letting me take your pics guys! It was fun!

Photography Mentoring Opportunity

Hey everyone! I have a favor...

Pretty please take a sec and go vote for me here.

Thanks guys! You're the best!

click on the bubble next to my name (Jessica Hills)

I think I am going to make this my new motto for 2010...not that I had an old motto or anything...but don't you love this saying?

Feb 22, 2010

Stanley Ford 1940-2010

On Saturday we attended Grandpa Ford's funeral services. He passed away last Sunday after a 2 year battle of pancreatic cancer.

To the day he died he was smiling and spoke only positive words.

He made everyone feel like they were his best friend.

He was very generous man, in many ways.

He will be missed by many, but we are blessed to know that we will see him again.

Feb 18, 2010

Studio Lighting Photowalk

Last Saturday Adrian and I went to a Photowalk on Studio Lighting together in Draper.

I mostly use natural light when I shoot, so this was all pretty new to me.

I think I learned a lot about my style as a photographer, and it also opened my eyes to all the techniques in studio lighting.

I only took a few shots at each station...that being said, here is what I ended up with:

I have played with some lighting setups since, and will be posting some of my experiments soon!