Jul 28, 2011

Flash Photography Made Simple

Have you heard of Lightscoop?  For all of you that take pictures inside and just can't get your flash to do what you want it to- this is for you. 

Lightscoop is so easy to use.  In fact, I didn't even watch the instructional video.  I just clipped it on my camera and started shooting. 

I think Lightscoop is ideal for those that want an even flash for those indoor pictures you take on a weekly basis.  As a mom, there are so many moments indoors that I would like to capture, especially of my daughter, that I just don't have time to add my huge external flash to get.  The Ligthscoop is light and small enough that I can simply leave it on my camera ready to use.

Here are a couple pictures I took to compare my on camera flash and my on camera flash with Lightscoop:

Before Lightscoop:

(harsher light and red eye)

After Lightscoop:

(softer light and no red eye!)

I would definitely recommend Lightscoop to all of my friends that want a soft flash without all the hassle and expense of an off-camera flash.

Jul 26, 2011

Posh Patina Winner!

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You are the winner of the Posh Patina Jewelry Giveaway!  Please email me at jessicahills22 at gmail dot com to claim your prize!

Jul 25, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Today we are enjoying the great outdoors camping and fishing.  We'll be back soon!  Hope you had a wonderful and long weekend!


Come back tomorrow for the winner of the Posh Patina Jewelry Giveaway!  Enter while you still can!

Jul 22, 2011

Maternity Fashion for the First Trimester

So I am sorry I haven't had a fashion post on here for so long!  When you are growing a baby inside your body you don't really get that excited to go shopping :)  However, maternity fashion has been forcing me to get creative and wear clothes that I normally wouldn't.  I have been loving some of the styles out there right now incorporated into maternity clothes.  Here are some of my faves for the first trimester:

Loose Tees
These were my best friends in the world when I was in the awkward stage of "not quite pregnant but pretty thick around the middle."  Thanks for helping me find some Mom. :)
via Good Life for Less

I love wearing them with shorts.
via Good Life for Less

I also love wearing them with my tight Love21 maternity bootcut jeans that are my favorite pair of maternity pants EVER and only set me back fifteen bucks.

Ruffly Top
I bought a Forever 21 ruffle top a while ago and love that it disguises my not-quite-there-yet baby belly.  I wore it a lot in the Spring with a number of cardigans.

I bought a super cute sweatshirt (pink and grey) I have had my eye on since Christmas and I wear it every night pretty much, when I change into my grey maternity yoga capris.  The little bit of lace in the back makes me feel a little less than frumpy. :)  The only problem is that now I want the green one too. :(

Now that I am actually showing I am transitioning into some different styles...more on that in a later post.

Jul 19, 2011

Clara Nilles Canvas Print Winner!

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What I'm Loving Right Now

My bed...and sleep
Seriously, this is my very favorite thing to do right now...even over eating ice cream...

 I can't get enough of this vegetable...the texture and flavor is just sooo good.

image via

The Bachelorette
Okay, Ashley bugs me a little, but this show is just my favorite guilty pleasure.

image via abc.com

Normally I have to force myself to drink enough, but this baby can never get enough!

Shopping and planning for baby
I seriously love getting ready for a new baby...redecorating the kids room, buying all the cute clothes...you name it.

image via zara.com

What are you loving?

Jul 18, 2011

Allie + Baby Boy in One Room

Since we live in a 2 bedroom apartment, Allie & the baby will be sharing a room.  This means it's time to redecorate :)  Allie is such a girly girl, so I am trying to come up with a room that is still a little girly for her.  Luckily she loves horses so I am going to try to incorporate more of that in their room.  I also think I may keep some of the pink and just add a little more blue and yellow.  So far I have a few inspiration photos to help:

Jul 15, 2011

We're Having a Boy!

That's right.  We just had the ultrasound and I am so excited to get a boy!  I can't wait to start shopping to get him some clothes (hopefully as cute as some of these:)

images via zara.com

Jul 14, 2011

New Winner!

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For being our new winner for the Foxglove Art Print Giveaway!

Please contact me via email: jessicahills22 at gmail dot com to claim your prize!

Jul 12, 2011

My Wish List Right Now

I am totally completely obsessed with the iPad right now.  Getting one of these for my birthday/Christmas this year WILL happen :)  I can think of 100 ways I would use it and love it:

 I love chunky bracelets, but even more, ones that look like a few bracelets put together like this watch.  Love it.

 I have been seeing SO many rings that I love lately.  This one I thought was just to die for:

I have been searching for affordable wedges exactly like these ones all summer...

I love the nursing cover I have right now, but I thought this one was especially cute since it doesn't look like one:

Images via

Jul 11, 2011

Living Room Remix

If you like change like I do, you get bored of your home every six months, pretty much on the dot.  Since moving wasn't in the cards this time, I decided to mix things up a little bit.  There are so many little easy and cheap things you can do to change things up in your home.

First of all: Declutter
Getting rid of odds and ends that you don't really need (or don't need out where everyone can see) makes SUCH a huge difference in the way your place looks.

Accent Pillows
They are so easy to change and inexpensive if you buy fabric on sale or clearance.  I took all my mismatched pillows and made 4 faux leather covers for them.  I LOVE them!

Picture Collages/Big Statement Pictures
You can tell I'm a photographer when you walk in my house because I hang photos EVERYWHERE.  They are inexpensive when you buy frames secondhand and get your pics printed online.  I actually really like this online company when they have deals going.  Just don't print at Costco or Walmart, unless you don't care how they look I guess.  It is fun to be able to change them with the seasons.

Accent Lighting
I actually just bought these paper lanterns secondhand for 50 cents each and strung white Christmas lights through them.  You can find all sorts of cool lamps in secondhand stores or yard sales.

There are still things I need to work on in this room...but for now I am happy with the changes.

What are some things you do to mix things up in your homes?

This will be posted HERE

Jul 8, 2011

Posh Patina Giveaway!

We have such a great giveaway today!  Kate, owner of Etsy shop Posh Patina, makes some really gorgeous jewelry, most of which is hand-painted and all of which is VERY affordable.  Some of my favorite pieces from her shop were these:

Kate sent me a pair of her "Bahama Mamas" in turquoise and I just love them.  They are very light weight and the perfect size.  They go with pretty much everything and add just a bit of color to my outfits.

Kate has offered one lucky reader a piece of their choice from her shop!  To enter the giveaway go take a look around then leave a comment and tell me what you would choose.

For extra entries:
Add her shop to your favorites
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Thanks so much Kate!

Jul 5, 2011

Life is Goooood

Well, thanks for being patient with my scheduled posts the last couple weeks.  I had a lot of fun with my family while they were here and was sad to see them go, but I will see them again soon.  Plus, now I have my little bro and sis just an hour away so I can see them more.  

I have been feeling so grateful lately...for a lot of things, but mostly for my family.  This pregnancy has been SO much different than with Allie, and not just the physical aspect but also the emotional side of things.  I have been nothing but excited for this little baby and SO much more relaxed about the whole experience now that I know what to expect.  I feel nothing but gratitude, even when I am feeling a little sick or tired.  Although, the whole weight gain thing is still probably the hardest part of it for me...how vain...

Anyways, I am planning on doing just a few posts here and there about baby and maternity stuff, but I won't bore you with it too much.  For now I just have to share some of the things I have been feeling grateful for because I just can't help myself:

A late Spring in Utah
Normally I would not be grateful for this, except when I am pregnant I am significantly hotter all the time.  Luckily we didn't go from 40 degree weather to the 90's like we sometimes get.  We had a few weeks of nice 70 degree temperatures :)

I have been so addicted to Pinterest lately...but there are so many inspiring photos!  Just try it out for yourself if you haven't already...you'll see what I mean.

Relaxing Sundays & Naps
Do I really have to expound on this?  This is definitely more appreciated by pregnant women :)

Walks to see the horses
Allie lives for this, so it is fun to see her get so excited to do something so simple.  This is one of my favorite things about having kids - they make you remember how amazing and exciting the world is.

Most of all: My family.  
I don't know what I would do or who I would be without them.  I am also so grateful for such an amazing husband, sweet little girl, and this baby on the way.  Pretty sure I hit the jackpot.

What are you grateful for right now?

Jul 4, 2011

I Love My Country



Happy Independence Day!