Dec 9, 2015

3 Gift Ideas and Novica Giveaway

I hope some of my favorite gift ideas will help some of you figure out a little bit of your holiday shopping!

1. For the Girl that is Always Cold

Slanky Undershirts

You can read my review here, but I am totally in love with these shirts and love how much warmer I am when I wear them!  They come in cute packaging to impress too.  Add some warm socks and your girl will be set!

Nov 30, 2015

5 Inexpensive Ways to Redecorate

Some of you may have seen my Instagram pic a few months ago about my room redo.  If you didn't, as you can see I didn't make many changes but it sure felt good to rearrange and make things feel new again!

I decided to share a few of the things that I like to do when I am sick of my home decor and need a change.

Nov 25, 2015

Design Your Own Rainboots

Okay, I just had to share this fun giveaway because I just checked it out and it is actually really fun!  Joules has just launched a competition where you can design your own rainboots and if selected your design will be put into production and proceeds will go to Step Up.  Not to mention, you will also win a trip for two to London worth $10,000!  Go check it out and enter here:  You can get an idea of the boots they currently produce here:



10 runners-up will each receive a $500 Joules gift voucher
Submit a design and enter the competition here -
The winning rain boot design will go on sale at
Proceeds from the sale of the limited edition winning welly will be donated to Step Up

Nov 24, 2015

Top Ten Winter Essentials

Living at 5,000 feet and in Utah I am no stranger of a cold, dry winter.  It can be pretty miserable if you aren't prepared, so I am excited to share with you some products that have been really helpful for me during the winter.

1. MoistureWORX Skin Protection Spray

I love this stuff SO much more than lotion!  Instead of being thick and wearing off (needing more in like one hour) this stuff sprays on like a liquid- isn't greasy at all and protects my hands SO much better than lotion!  I love it.  The Nail and Cuticle Fortifying Treatment has been handy (no pun intended) for the times that my knuckles and fingers are in bad shape and really need something heavy duty.  I don't know how I got along without these products before!

Oct 26, 2015

How to Train Your Dragon Costumes

I had a lot of questions from my friends about these costumes so I thought I would share how I made them.  I think I ended up spending about 2 hours tops on these and only about $10 or less.  My mom made the boys' Toothless costumes by using Pinterest posts as her guide- you can find those on my Halloween board.

Sep 19, 2015

My Halloween Decor - For Now

I actually decorated for Halloween this year!!!  I am really excited about it too- it was WAY more fun that I thought it could be and I'm a little addicted now.  I am not big on holiday decorating (except Christmas of course) so I am working on that and its becoming something that I (and the kids) look forward to.  I really only spent a day on this- including the shopping I did.  I stopped by Target and the Dollar Tree then came home and spent a couple hours putting everything together.  Next year it will be even easier since I'll be keeping all the print outs in their frames and on their you can see:

My mom helped me make this pretty hydrangea wreath that I use from Spring until Christmas...very versatile.  I added this sign I got at Target on clearance one year for under a dollar.

Sep 7, 2015

Faves of Fall Fashion

In my opinion Fall is the easiest time of year to put a cute outfit together- mainly because the weather is so perfect and predictable for the most part.  This year I am really excited to start dressing for cooler temps because I bought a few pieces I have been wanting for years.  Here are my favorite trends and pieces this year:

1. Vests:

Sep 4, 2015

Favorite Things of Summer

Well, Summer is winding down now that school is back in and Fall is just around the corner.  We have had a really great Summer and I have to share a few "things" that really made it that much more enjoyable for us...

1. Swim Lessons: We kicked off the summer with swim lessons and it really got the summer off to a good start.  Allie swam while me and the boys watched.  I got to work on my tan and we got to get out of the house a few days more that we would have.  

Aug 20, 2015

Burt's Bees Baby for Back to School

I know you guys hear a LOT from me about Burt's Bees Baby, but I wouldn't share their products with you if I didn't love them myself.  I have loved being able to work with them, trying out their products and clothing in exchange for sharing my experience and review with you.  I absolutely LOVE having two boys close together (most the time) and dressing them similar.  It has been so fun- more fun than dressing a girl for me.  I would say that 30% of their clothing is Burt's Bees Baby and I think that might be part of why I have loved dressing boys.

Jul 23, 2015

Traveling with the Yezz Stroller

Traveling with kids can be stressful enough, it doesn't help to have too many things and a difficult stroller.  This is where the Quinny Yezz stroller can come in and make things easier for you.

If you are looking for a durable version of an umbrella stroller that will last you through multiple kids and that rides much smoother and easier through more rugged terrain, you may be interested in the Yezz stroller from Quinny.  The Yezz is more balanced and a little heavier than the typical umbrella stroller so it doesn't tip over constantly (one of my pet peeves)

Jul 9, 2015

Of One Sea

So I am sorry to brag, but I am so excited about this trip that I just have to share.  We are planning a trip to Kauai next Spring for our 10 year anniversary and I totally have Hawaii on the brain!  I cannot stop thinking about it.  It didn't help to get an awesome package from Of One Sea last week either.. 

Jun 1, 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Decals for his vehicle-Decals Deluxe

May 30, 2015

Lili Collection Shoes Sale!

I just have to share this sale going on right now because I LOVE the shoes I got for Jensen from them.  Lili Collection has the cutest baby moccasins- my favorite being the animocs.  I was sent a pair for review and instantly fell in love with the soft leather and adorable animal faces.  Jensen looks so cute in them!

May 20, 2015

Unicef Market Review and Giveaway

Some of you may remember the blog post I did with Novica a while back.  Well, now Novica has partnered with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF because every order on the new website directly impacts children through UNICEF's global programs. Why not shop for Dad this year and support artisans and children around the world?  Here are some great gift ideas from their site:

1. Accessories for Him:

May 19, 2015

5 Things I'm Wearing and Loving

Just wanted to share some of my favorite pieces that I have been wearing and loving so far this late Spring and early Summer season.

1. Coolibar is a company that has devoted themselves to creating awesome UVA/UVB clothing- great for swimming, playing, lounging, or whatever else you may do outside.  

May 8, 2015

Charles River Review and Giveaway

Happy Friday!  Why not start the weekend with a giveaway?  Charles River Apparel has offered one reader this adorable rain jacket.   They sent me one in the "wave" color- a really pretty blue/turquoise.  The pictures I took don't do it justice!

Apr 27, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

If there is any holiday of the year I've been disappointed on its been Mother's Day.  Being a mom is HARD.  Like REALLY HARD.  So, if there is a day to thank and celebrate mothers it should be a big deal...but usually its not.  So, let's make it a bigger deal huh?  If doing the chores and changing ALL the poopy diapers and cooking all the food for your wife just isn't going to happen, presents are greatly encouraged ;)  Here are a few any mom would love:

1.  Less "Dangerous" Wedding Band

Apr 15, 2015

My 3 Fave Kids Hair and Skin Products

I always say it's a good thing I only have one girl because I am really not good at doing my kids' hair.  They have all hated getting their hair washed and brushed and it is such a pain!  I really dread doing it.  I wish I would have found these years ago, so if you struggle like I do, don't wait to try some of these!!

1.  SoCozy Professional Hair Collection for Kids

I have been using the Styling Cream and Styling Gel for Macsen and the Detangling Spray for Allie and I love them all!  They all smell really good and the Styling Gel and Cream aren't really sticky and gross like other ones I've tried.

Apr 14, 2015

Duelette for Moms

With Mother's Day fast approaching many of you are looking for some gift ideas.  I was recently sent the Duelette from Chilly Jilly and had to share.  These are bracelets that double as hair-bands- perfect for moms on the go!  These high-quality bands adjust to any size so they won't ever be too loose or too tight for your hair or wrist.  They come in white or black and options of 14k gold, silver, or both colors of beads.  I have been wearing mine in gold and white all the time!  

Check out the other combos and buy the girl in your life one at their website Chilly Jilly

Mar 16, 2015

Please Get Here Spring!

Anyone else in a funk lately?  I just really don't like the months of Jan-March.  They are boring and cold and make me stir-crazy.  Lately I have been daydreaming of my dream house- not that I am not grateful and don't love our house now- more of just a thing to look forward to creating.  I think I just always need to be doing something creative.  Maybe when I am doing more photo shoots soon I will settle down a little bit haha!  Anyway, I just had to share some of my favorite dream kitchen/living areas I've found on Pinterest these days.  Because we all know the kitchen/living area is the most important space in the house amiright?

Mar 13, 2015

Burt's Bees Spring Line

I am super excited to share some of my favorite pieces from Burt's Bees Baby Spring line this year.  They sent me a few things that my boys have been wearing non-stop lately, but I also got a few pieces that it hasn't been warm enough for here in Utah- I will have to update you on those later...

My boys have been living in these drawstring pants and zip front jackets.  The sleeves and legs are plenty long (I hate when their little wrists and ankles are exposed to the cold so I love these)  They are also super soft and warm- just the right temp for our mild end of winter this year.

Mar 12, 2015

5 New Workout Tips

I am happy to say that I am finally a treadmill owner :)  Trey bought one for me (us) on Valentine's Day- I thought that was a great gift!  So, I have finally gotten motivated to really start getting in shape (especially now that I am playing volleyball on the weekends and have another league starting up soon too)  This time around I have figured out a few new tricks to keep me going and make working out more fun and effective.  Hope they help some of you too.

1. Find something that you like:

I don't like just weight training, or just running, or classes, etc, I finally figured out that if I interval train with a mix of walking on incline, lunging on a slow speed, jogging, running, sprinting, and mixing in weights between intervals I am constantly challenging my body and not getting bored. 

2.  Mix it up:

This is pretty much just what I explained...I get bored so easily, so I change paces and motions constantly.

3. Entertain Yourself

I CANNOT run without music or a TV show to watch.  It is a MUST.  Don't even try to workout unless you've got a really good mix on your iPod- it will make ALL the difference!

4. Hydrate

Water Water Water...but not so much before and during that you have to pee every 5 minutes of exercise...drags it out so much longer than it needs to be.  I always drink a big glass right after working out and then fill it up again and take my time to finish it.  Do any of you have a favorite water bottle to use while running?  I am in the market for one...these Camelbaks look pretty easy to use while running.

5. Decrease Negative Side Effects 
(skin breakouts and weight gain)

Anytime I start playing a sport or start working out again my skin does not like me.  I breakout so easily, so this time I was determined to clean my skin really really well and RIGHT after workouts.  I've been using these Dickinson's Towlette's and then the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Pads after that and its kept my skin from breaking out. 

I also notice that when I start working out/playing sports again I gain some weight rather than take it off (which is ok since I feel better overall) However, since I didn't lose as much weight nursing this time around I don't have as much wiggle room and have limited my late night eating (I eat no later than 8pm usually)  That seems to do the trick for me. 

So I hope that these new little changes will help you achieve better overall health as some of you start a new workout routine this year as they have made a difference for me!

Jan 28, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Let's talk about Valentine's Day for a sec.  I'm really not a big celebrator of the holiday.  I think its a little bit cheesy and forced, but I also have no problem showing my love to those I care about.  I think its a great holiday for those who have a harder time expressing their feelings to get a chance to show their love on a day that cheesy is okay.  So, if that is you, and if you aren't sure what you want to get your girl (let's face it, this mostly applies to men, right?)  Here is a little help.  Stick to the classics, but mix it up a little:

Helen Ficalora has a beautiful line out right now that would be perfect for Valentine's Day.  Their jewelry is so dainty and pretty, and I absolutely love their pink gold options for Valentine's Day.  

Instead of the typical dozen red roses, why not really surprise and spoil her with an option from
The Bouqs?  They have so many beautiful options- you are sure to find a bouquet that fits the personality of your loved one perfectly (along with the occasion)

My experience with The Bouqs was a great one-their website makes ordering and delivery so easy and their flowers come wrapped carefully and last a long time- they just seem to get prettier as the days go by.  The Bouqs sends their flowers next day from eco-friendly farms on an active volcano, and they smelled wonderful!  I highly recommend them!

You could go buy a big heart-shaped box of chocolates (that really don't taste that great,) or you could really impress her with some you made yourself that taste much better!  Here is a simple turtle recipe you might want to try.  Put them on a pretty plate or in some pretty packaging and she will definitely be impressed.

The ______ She Really Wants
Let's just be honest, most women have something they have their eye on but don't buy for a number of reasons.  If you want to really impress her and let her know how much you love her, get THAT thing and be prepared for lots of back rubs and kisses in return ;)

I hope this helps, and always remember to include a little love note with your gift ;)