Mar 18, 2008

Baby Belly

I saw this idea for a pic on someone else's blog and HAD to do it.
Trey took this last night - my mom sent me 3 REALLY cute maternity shirts and this was one of them! Thanks mom I love them!

Trey took this pic after church 2 Sundays ago...

In the last month my tummy has probably doubled in size! I want to start taking pics every week so I can see the progress!

Mar 17, 2008

Baby Shower

I had to take a belly picture!
Brad and Cindy got us this travel system. I love it and can't wait to use it!

The rocking chair that all the Ford sisters bought for us! I love it!

The baby crib that Tad and Candice bought me and Trey! They spoil us!

Me and Candice

Cute Baby girl clothes!

Candice Tuttle threw me a baby shower!! It was perfect - she's the best. We had it at their house in Salt Lake and I was so happy that so many people came!

Matt & Heather's Wedding

Dancing at the Reception (Matt & Heather)

At the temple.

At the dinner.

Our friends Matt and Heather got married the first weekend of February. We got to go to the dinner, temple and reception. And, I got to slow dance with Trey for the first time since we've been married so I was pretty happy about that. :)

Mar 16, 2008

Christmas in Seattle

Christmas Eve night we flew into Seattle after celebrating with the Hills'. We spent the week playing ping pong, darts, rock band, and watching lots of football.

This pic was taken at Fat Cats in Provo in September or October (we went bowling with a bunch of friends)
December 19th we foud out we are having a baby GIRL! We are going to name her Allie Lynn Hills :)

Hanging out with Tad and Candice in December...snow day!

At the Jazz Game when our friends Heather and Matt got engaged in November.

Squaw Peak...the Fall.

American Fork Canyon

After a year in our Orem apartment we moved in with Trey's parents for a few months in Alpine. We foud out just after our summer vacation we were pregnant! It was a big surprise but we have been getting more and more excited.

Trey and I hiked to Snoqualmie Falls Hanging out at the campsite in Lake Roosevelt

Dad doing tricks

Brian doing tricks

Our trip to Washington for the summer. We went to Lake Roosevelt, Lincoln Rock...Boating every day for a week. It was SO much fun.

Demolition Derby in Heber...pretty redneck :)
This was another day...sometime in June I took some wedding pics up at Salt Lake and Trey came with me.

Our 1 year anniversary...spent the night in the Marriott in Salt Lake, walked around the temple grounds and ate at Skybox for a Jazz playoff game.
St. George for a 3-day weekend
Valentine's Day
Christmas with my family...doing puzzles.
Temple Lights!

Trey surprised me on our 6 month anniversary with a sweet little kitten. It was the best surprise! We named her Kitty after several months of not coming up with a name. I can't believe we actually have a name for our baby!

The next year we lived in Orem, UT in a cute condo. Trey started school at UVSC and worked as an electrician in Heber/Park City. I worked for Trey's dad as his dental assistant in Orem and loved it.

Our "Happily Ever After"

We spent the summer in CA. Candice and I hung out in their apartment/the office everyday and Tad and Trey went selling. We had the cutest loft apartment and got to visit Grandma and Grandpa Jensen and the Westover's a lot. We also got to go to Lake Shasta, Santa Cruz, Six Flags, San Francisco, and got to spend time with my family too. We also got to go to Aubrey and Parker's wedding in August. These pics are at Santa Cruz and the Oakland temple.

Our wedding was perfect...We got married April 20th, 2006. It was a gorgeous spring day at the Salt Lake temple. We had the temple grounds all to ourselves b/c of finals for BYU and UVSC (We weren't in school that semester.) We had an open house that night at Trey's parents house then stayed in Park City for 2 days and drove to Pleasanton, CA right after to start selling for the summer. The next weekend we flew to Seattle for our reception which was SO much fun!
Engagement pic


Ice Skating for Jamie's Birthday

Nerds for Halloween

So happy!

Fall in Utah

The night of the first "I love you"