Nov 18, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Girls

1. Clothing 

I think my #1 request every year is some kind of clothing.  I am sure the girl you are shopping for has at least one piece of clothing she is looking for.  Online boutiques are a great place to start and I Shop Simply is one of my faves.  I was so lucky to be able to work with them and do some modeling.  I ended up spending more money than making any because I HAD to have like 10 things from their shop!  

This Perfectly Pink shirt was one of my favorites to wear.  Here are some more of my faves:

Nov 11, 2016

My Current Diet- Feeling Great and Not "Dieting!"

I have been asked by a couple people how I manage to stay skinny having kids, not working out a lot, and not being on a super strict diet (in my eyes) and thought I would share- not just for others, but also because I like to keep a food journal every few months when I'm feeling really good so I can look back for help and ideas when I'm not feeling as great.

outfit from I Shop Simply

Nov 3, 2016

Fireplaces and House Update

I know I REALLY need to do a house update!  Here is a quick one:

We have basically gone from digging in September to getting our window wells in has taken quite a bit longer than expected due to delays with the subcontractors - bummer but not much we can do about it. :(  


Nov 1, 2016

Must-Have Road Trip Travel Gear