Apr 19, 2011

Bleached Hair and Velvet Couches

Do you know how bad I want a velvet couch? 
What do you do when you have kids+couches that don't mix?

I mean, we have a cream couch that obviously doesn't work well with an almost-3 year-old, but I think that it is worth all the times I have had to clean it...although I am not sure how good it will look in a couple of years...

I have been seeing velvet couches that I love all over the place lately. Oh, and also, she makes me want to bleach my hair:

Images by Claiborne Swanson Frank Photography


Anonymous said...

I've thought about going lighter, but I don't know about full-on bleaching. I'd be scared to do that. But, yes, that velvet couch looks amazing. I'm gonna need a couch for my new apartment, too. Velvet sounds really nice. And I do love the color green. :)

Orange it Lovely said...

im only a few shades about a good bleaching.. and i love it AND I love that couch!