Mar 29, 2013

Windowless Laundry Room

So we are so close to finishing our basement and one of the things I am looking forward to the most is having a couch down there right across from my laundry room that I can fold clothes on.  Our laundry room is a pretty good size, but for me to fold laundry I really like to have something to watch on T.V.  Folding laundry is SO boring!

So, my dilemma here is what to do with my laundry room that is clearly going to mostly be wasted space.  I would probably love a bigger laundry room if there was a sink, window, the whole shebang, but since it is just a washer and dryer has no windows, I don't really want to spend a lot of time in there.

Here are my ideas so far:

A laundry/cleaning room with an area for wrapping stuff and maybe sewing and craft supplies?

Mar 26, 2013

Mom Stuff

Lately I have been thinking about all the things that just help out when you are a mom.  Raising kids is HARD!  I have thought of a few things that I love to have, and want to get some of your opinions on what you here it goes:

1. A cute and easy-to-carry bag
I like ones that are open and really easy to get into.  I also like ones that don't look like diaper bags, or that aren't diaper bags.  They also need to be easy to clean and the straps need to be the right length and ones that will stay on your shoulder easily.
This cute one found here

Mar 25, 2013

Florence Adams Giveaway!

If you read my blog you know that I love fashion and style, but I do not dress like it.  I can tell you what looks good together, but for some reason when it comes to dressing myself, I am WAY more concerned with comfort than anything else.  So, I was excited to do a review for Florence Adams and try to bring out the fashion blogger in me :)  As you can see, I really am not good at posing, as these were the best pictures I could come up with for my styling post of the Florence Adams pleated skirt.

Making a funny face and a hose in the background, blurry:

Mar 20, 2013

Tiny Mr. Giveaway!

Let's talk about Easter outfits.  I just barely shared some of my favorites this year.  Now I have a super cute Etsy store to share with you that is doing some special Easter bow-ties this year.

Tiny Mr. sent me their limited edition Easter bow-tie for Macsen.  He got SO many compliments when he wore this! :)  Can you see why?

Mar 19, 2013

Hearthsong Easter

I don't know about you, but kids toys are one of my favorite things to buy.  I am always so excited for them to open their presents and see the reaction, and always interested to see just how much they will play with it.  I love to be able to go to a website and read reviews about the toys to help me decide what my kids will love the most.

Hearthsong is a great site that offers just that.  Here is a little about their company:

Since its beginning in 1983, HearthSong has been committed to helping parents follow their instincts to provide their children with age-appropriate, wholesome, quality playthings. That's because at HearthSong, we believe childhood is a vital chapter in life-a special time when children can be occupied with the joy of being children. And, equally importantly, a time when children need to experience as much creative, imaginative play as possible because kids experience so many of life's first lessons through play.

The first HearthSong catalog was printed in black and white, with pencil drawings of carefully selected toys and books and mailed from the home of founder Barbara Kane by her family. The name HearthSong was chosen to reflect core family values - the Hearth, a traditional symbol for the center of the home, and Song, a symbol of family spirit and of a special playfulness that parents and children enjoy together.

Over the next 25 years, HearthSong evolved into a nationally known and respected source for quality children's toys, games and crafts. Parents who found unique toys for their children decades ago tell us they're now thrilled to be finding the same kinds of educational, entertaining toys to give to their children's children.

Our selection of products has grown and expanded too. But we can still guarantee that each item is carefully selected for its quality, safety, and relevance to your child's development - and we are steadfast in our commitment to provide you with Toys You'll Feel Good About Giving®.
 Hearthsong was so generous to really spoil my kids this year for Easter, they sent them the following:

For Macsen

Mar 14, 2013

Best Fonts for Free

I have been scouring Pinterest for all the best free fonts.  I think I have found them all, so I am putting them all in one place.  You're welcome :)

find these here

Mar 12, 2013

Kids Easter Outfits

I love Easter!  I REALLY love cute Easter outfits.  Here are some of my faves I've seen lately:

Mar 11, 2013

Ashmarlin Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone!  How about starting off the week with an awesome giveaway?!  

I am a little embarrassed to tell you how much I wear Ashmarlin's clothing.  We are talking multiple times every week...

 But, how can you blame me when their burnout tee is the perfect grey color (I love to wear grey) and the perfect soft comfy material and the perfect flattering, forgiving loose fit that looks casual or can also be dressed up?  Seriously, I wish I had one of these tees in every color of the rainbow.

Mar 8, 2013

Think Positive Apparel

Think Positive Apparel has a lot to do with my opinion that what you wear influences how you act.  This is directly from their website:

"We started this clothing line as a way to showcase our interpretation of the Think Positive Apparel philosophy. We believe that given any situation, if you think positive and hold yourself capable, you are statistically more likely to achieve your desired outcome."

Mar 6, 2013

Pretend Vacation

I am TOTALLY craving summer right now...and the here is my little daydream of a vacation:

Go somewhere like this:
image via

Mar 4, 2013

Monday Funny

My mom reminded me a week ago or so that I hadn't posted any of my Monday funnies here you go Mom!

For all you Lord of the Rings fans:

Mar 1, 2013

Rapid Lash Deal

This stuff is amazing and this is the best deal you will find for it!  I have been using it 1 1/2 years now and have only bought about 3 in that time frame.  Groupon usually has this deal once every 6 months or so, so don't miss out!

This deal won't last long- usually it just goes one or two days, so hurry!

The Illustrated Stories from The Book of Mormon on iPad

I have something really exciting to share with all of you LDS readers today!  The Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon are now on eBook!

I grew up with these in my house as a kid, and I remember them being a lot more interesting to me than just reading directly from the Book of Mormon.  They are a great way to get the kids more interested.

"The set of 32 eBooks now includes read-aloud audio, highlighted full text of the Book of Mormon, and easy-to-use interactive controls."  They are compatible with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Grandin Press has done such a great job with these- on each page you can open a tab that brings you to the actual scripture, customer support information, and you can adjust the volume, and add a bookmark too.

Grandin Press is now offering an extra set for every 50 entries!  100 entries=2 sets given away and 150 entries = 3 sets given away!!!

Grandin Press has offered a set of the 32-volume e-Books for 1 lucky reader!!  Not only that, but very recently Grandin Press reduced the price by $30 to bring the $89.99 price down to $59.99! 

To enter the giveaway, use the Rafflecopter below: