Jan 31, 2013

Make Some Makeup!

Lately, with my skin being so pasty white, I have felt like I needed to add a little color to my face.  I started reading Maskcara.com and I love her blog!  I have tried a ton of stuff and love everything I try.

Well, my most recent endevour came from wanting to save myself a little money.  I have been wanting to go buy both a highlighter and an eye primer (since I have been wearing more eyeshadow than usual) and lucky for me- Cara just BARELY posted how you can make your own!

So, I pulled out my shoebox full of extra and old makeup (is that weird?) And, I was so excited to find that I had everything I needed!  Here is all it takes:

First for the eye primer, here is Cara's recipe:

image from Maskcara.com

Jan 28, 2013

1 Hour Curtains

I hate sewing!  So, when I decided to make curtains for a couple rooms in our new house I was NOT looking forward to it.  I finally bit the bullet and did it on Saturday and guess what?  It only took me an hour to do a set of curtains!  I thought I should share my process to help anyone else looking for a quick way to "clothe" their windows. :)

Jan 24, 2013

7 Weight Loss Tips

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes because of some extra weight put on- whether it is from having a baby or the holidays.  I seem to gain those extra pesky 5 pounds every year in the Spring...not sure why- maybe because I am extra lazy from Jan-March and they catch up with me.  But, I have a few tips that can help out those of you trying to get rid of a few extra pounds that don't require a lot of self-discipline or time.

1.  Don't slow down.  My husband always makes fun of me because I seem to do things at a speed that most people would interpret as rushed or ridiculously hurried...But, I think the extra spills and messes are worth it for the extra calories burned and all the things I can get done in a day :) I love these tips to burn more calories in simple ways.

2.  Listen to your body.  When it comes to eating, sleep, and exercise I always pay a lot of attention to what my body is telling me it needs.  I have decided I need 8-10 hours of sleep (partly because it is interrupted) but sleep makes all the difference to me!  Also, when I am just craving chocolate I grab a handful of dark chocolate chips.  And when I am hungry, I eat.  I just try to make healthy food decisions, but I don't keep anything off limits- just in moderation.

Jan 21, 2013

Pretty Interiors

Jan 17, 2013

Togging Out Your Tots

It can be great fun shopping for kid’s clothes, but it can also quickly become expensive. This
is where your local supermarket comes in.

Supermarkets have some amazing children’s clothing ranges, with unbelievably low price
points that won’t stretch the household budget.

You’ll find an amazing range of kid’s clothes at George, making it super convenient to fit
shopping for clothes into your busy life. Pick up gorgeous fashions while doing your weekly
shop, or fill an online basket from the comfort of home and have your new purchases
delivered direct to your door. ASDA Direct makes the shopping experience easy, and you’ll
also have the piece of mind of the ASDA 100 Day Guarantee, which means that you can
return any items that you’re not satisfied with, up to 100 days after purchase.

Shopping for tots is made easy with George, so fill their wardrobes with cute outfits that
they’re sure to love for less at ASDA, including:

Cozy Hoodies and Sweaters

With months of winter still left to endure you may want to add to their jumper collection. Plain
coloured zip through hoodies are a good bargain buy, or treat the kids to a cute character
hoody. You’ll find Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog and Cars at ASDA online – sure to put a
smile on the face of any little boy. For girls think prints - stars, stripes, spots and flowers look
great on comfy sweaters.

Jan 14, 2013

Homemade Pork Rub

Since I have had a LOT more time on my hands lately, not to mention a great kitchen, I have actually been cooking and actually liking it a little more!  I thought I better take some pictures along the way so I can share some of my favorite recipes with you.

I am a big fan of pork roast and I had never done a pork rub when cooking it before because it was just another spice to buy- then I realized I could make my own!

Here is the recipe I adjusted to the spices I actually had:

Pork Rub
3 tsp. Brown Sugar
1 tsp. Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes (I used 1 tsp- we like spicy)
1 tsp. Black Pepper
2 tsp. Salt

Jan 11, 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Whenever I am in need of a good laugh I get on the humor section of Pinterest...

Jan 8, 2013

Plaids & Flannels!

Right now I am obsessed with plaids and flannels!  If you saw what I wore everyday you might think I was a lumberjack or maybe Scottish.  I feel like one living out here so far from the city and in single digit temperatures!

Jan 7, 2013

Living Room & Kitchen Before & After!!!

I have been talking your ears off writing your eyes off about all the things we have been doing to the house and now I am finally going to share some before and afters!

First of all, we tore up the linoleum and put down laminate flooring from Costco

Jan 2, 2013

Basement Paint Color

Today I am trying to decide what color we should paint our basement.  It is pretty light, but just as light as a basement can get, so I want to keep it a really light color.  It also has to go well with our green-gray couch and brown carpet.  Here are the top 4:

Divine White

Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I finally have my computer set up!!  We are almost done living out of boxes- we still have a ton in the garage that I need to go through and find things that are missing, but its not on the top of my priority list :)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration- I know I sure did and it is always sad to say goodbye to loved ones and put away the Christmas decorations, but I am really excited to start blogging again and get lots done in the house too.

 Just a little glimpse into my holiday.