Apr 4, 2011

Dream House: Kitchen

My dream kitchen is a little bit hazy right now...I am not much of a cook (AT ALL) and so I don't have any strong opinions on appliances and layout.  I like little nooks with a bench seat like in these pictures:

via www.aroomsomewhere.net

I love the stone on the walls of this kitchen and the way it ties in the oven area.  Not really sure where the sink is in this kitchen...that could be a problem.

This is the kind of island I want.  I also love the tall ceilings and windows:

I love thick, rustic tables like this next one:

I love the big island with the sink in this one:

Arden Stephenson Designer

I have a husband that hates white/cream cabinetry so that is something we are going to have to compromise on.  I was thinking something like this next image where the bottom cabinets are dark and top are light.  I also like kitchens with the island being a different color cabinetry than the rest of the kitchen.

via Bloom

Vinewood Kitchen

LOVE the windows in this kitchen.  Also that table, although it is a little bit too big...

via Inspired Design & Charolette Romance

via mydreamplace

via House and Home Canada

I love photo collages on the shelf like the image below.  I also love white chair covers around the dining table:
Yoldanda Sanchez Designer

There are generally Macys coupons available for all kinds of dining room sets.
Victoria Pearson Photography

I definitely would love my appliances to either be stainless steel or look like the cabinetry in my kitchen (the more expensive option.)  So, those of you who ARE cooks; what things does your dream kitchen HAVE to have?

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Nilu said...

we have identical taste! love all these shots as well. thanks for sharing.