Nov 25, 2015

Design Your Own Rainboots

Okay, I just had to share this fun giveaway because I just checked it out and it is actually really fun!  Joules has just launched a competition where you can design your own rainboots and if selected your design will be put into production and proceeds will go to Step Up.  Not to mention, you will also win a trip for two to London worth $10,000!  Go check it out and enter here:  You can get an idea of the boots they currently produce here:



10 runners-up will each receive a $500 Joules gift voucher
Submit a design and enter the competition here -
The winning rain boot design will go on sale at
Proceeds from the sale of the limited edition winning welly will be donated to Step Up

Nov 24, 2015

Top Ten Winter Essentials

Living at 5,000 feet and in Utah I am no stranger of a cold, dry winter.  It can be pretty miserable if you aren't prepared, so I am excited to share with you some products that have been really helpful for me during the winter.

1. MoistureWORX Skin Protection Spray

I love this stuff SO much more than lotion!  Instead of being thick and wearing off (needing more in like one hour) this stuff sprays on like a liquid- isn't greasy at all and protects my hands SO much better than lotion!  I love it.  The Nail and Cuticle Fortifying Treatment has been handy (no pun intended) for the times that my knuckles and fingers are in bad shape and really need something heavy duty.  I don't know how I got along without these products before!

2. The Perfect Black Jeans

FIGI Jeans has created the most cozy, warm, and well-fitted, not to mention slimming, black jeans that you will definitely want to pair with almost anything this winter.  I styled these with a chambray top, heels, and statement necklace in the Fall, but throw on an oversized sweater and boots and you are set for the cold.  These work great under boots and they have lots of other options and colors in their Rossi Collection.

3. Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

Winter means sickness and every single year on Halloween week my kids pick up their first bug- and this year was no exception.  Of course, you can't always change your plans and we were planning on traveling that weekend so having the Exergen handy and being able to get a super accurate temperature to monitor my baby's cold was essential and such a blessing.  I have gone for years now and 3 kids later finally have one of these vs. the "armpit" thermometers they HATE and I never use for that reason.  LOVE this guy and how simple and painless it is to use- the kids don't even notice or care and it is so accurate.

4. Chapstick

Chapstick  Total Hydration has been one of my favorite brands since I tried it last year, and they keep coming out with more flavors!  It’s the only ChapStick® product formulated with 100% natural ingredients on the market, including argan oil and natural butters like shea and mango. Right now I am loving the Soothing Vanilla.  In fact, I am applying right now as I write this post- I keep it at my desk and use it when I am working. 

5. Down Vest

I splurged this year and bought myself this J Crew vest.  I have always been the type of person that puts comfort over style- especially when it comes to staying warm.  I didn't think I would be a vest person because I always want my arms covered, but I have to say I am converted!  This vest is so warm I don't notice my arms being cold- partly because when I am running errands with the boys or shooting a session I am constantly using my arms.  But, I also LOVE having SO much more movement without a bulky coat.  And, I am always surprised that I can wear this with almost anything- it is so versatile!

6. Slanky undershirts

True story:  I was minutes away from driving off to a long and cold wedding after just getting over the flu.  I was weak and constantly cold and it was 40 degrees outside.  I was dressed as warm and comfortable as possible while still being dressed up a little for the temple but still cold.  I checked the mail before I left and found this Slanky undershirt in my mailbox so I hurried inside and changed just in time to leave.  While it is a little hard to put on (similar to nylons) I am in LOVE with these shirts!  It kept me warm and comfortable ALL day!  I couldn't be more excited about these undershirts and plan on wearing them all winter!

7. Wool Socks

I am always surprised at how big of a difference it makes to keep my feet warm.  I don't know why I ever go without socks!  And, when you make it wool your feet will be toasty warm in all conditions.  I just found these cute ones online but I haven't tried them.  I usually just buy whatever they have at Ross for cheap ;)

8. Lots of Cute Boots

I talked about this last year, but I can't live without my boots and I can never have enough!  I am still obsessed with the ones I got at Target last year.  I noticed they had a lot of cute ones to choose from this year too.

9. Fingerless Wool Gloves

Like last year, these are still my go-to gloves and I wear them when I drive, push around cold shopping carts, and do photo sessions.

10. Treadmill

Again, like last year, it always helps to get the blood flowing and running in the morning helps me get my day going and stay warm.

***Disclosure: The ChapStick® product and information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

Oct 26, 2015

How to Train Your Dragon Costumes

I had a lot of questions from my friends about these costumes so I thought I would share how I made them.  I think I ended up spending about 2 hours tops on these and only about $10 or less.  My mom made the boys' Toothless costumes by using Pinterest posts as her guide- you can find those on my Halloween board.

For Allie's Astrid Costume:

I started with the skirt.  I found a plain dark blue skirt (would have preferred brown or black) and pinned the faux leather fabric cut so there were strips hanging down from a band.  I then cut out skulls from white and black felt. Hot glue the eyes on the heads and hot glue onto the belt area of the skirt.

For her shirt I just used a similar color to her skirt and cut out "shoulder pads" from faux fur.  I attached those with safety pins.  Her hatchet? is from the Dollar Tree. For her wrist warmers I used the same faux fur and wrapped faux leather strips around them to hold them in place.  If I were to do it over I would make these stay better with rubber bands or something...For the leg warmers I actually sewed those together but you could also hot glue them.

For Trey's Snotlout costume:

I got his helmet off of here and a sword for him at Walmart.

The "vest" is actually just faux leather cut out and pinned onto a black tee.  He wore work pants and boots and I used the same faux leather to make wrist bands wrapped with strips of the same fabric.  You could really use any brown or black fabric for that part of it.

For my Ruffnut costume:

I got my helmet off of too. HERE

I already had the necklace from a previous costume...can't remember where I got it. The sword is also from Walmart.  I also already had the belt and wore a plain blue shirt and greenish leggings with my snow boots.

My vest was a really long one that I pinned short and pinned the faux fur to.  I got this faux fur from the hood of a coat I no longer have so its just been sitting in my fabric box.  The wrist and leg warmers were made from the remains of an old sweater after I used most of it for a pillow.  Here is a diagram so you can get the idea:

I basically just added faux fur to the edges of the wrist warmers then tied more faux leather strips around them.  You can sew or use hot glue for this.  To finish it up I made a skirt with the remainder faux leather and just pinned that strip around my waist.

These costumes were so easy and fun- I hope this helps some of you trying to figure out some costumes! :)