Aug 22, 2016

Back to School Gear

I have found some really great back-to-school gear for my kids this year and thought I would share!  

1. Stride Rite Light-up Shoes Leepz

Macsen is obsessed with these shoes!  Usually getting my kids to put on their shoes and get out the door is SUCH a pain and a struggle, but ever since he got these shoes he loves putting his shoes on!  Not to mention they fit him great and he loves wearing them and showing off how they light up!

2. Cat & Jack Target Line

Almost all of Allie's school clothes this year came from Cat & Jack.  They are SO cute and SO affordable!  After getting a bunch at the store I even got online and bought more!

3. Backpacks from Walmart

Walmart has had the best prices on backpacks by far!  I am impressed with how cute they are too!  They aren't the most durable, but when you are buying a new one every shcool year anyway, you don't need them to last you years, right?

Jun 30, 2016

Let's Be Adventurers

Something about summer makes me want to get out and be adventurous.  I have been able to do a lot of really fun and exciting things this Spring and Summer!  I feel really lucky, especially since after having kids can make being adventurous hard to do.  I am actually really not dreading the teenage stage for this reason- I hope my kids will want to do exciting things with me!

This year there were a few things that I really, really loved having on my adventures:

Jun 15, 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day always creeps up on me so I thought this year I would be prepared and figure out what I was going to do for it as soon as June hit us!

1. An AwesomeBox

These are SO cool!  Basically you can get a whole group together online (or just do one yourself) and it is really easy to coordinate and organize.  They do all the work for you- all you have to do is enter the emails of the people you want writing messages and adding pictures to the cards in the box, along with the date you want it delivered.  I am so excited for my Dad to get his this year!

Jun 13, 2016

Summer Lovin'

We have had a pretty fun summer so far and still have lots to look forward to.  I thought I'd share the things I've been loving and using most this summer.

1.Superfeet Sandals

3 Best Baby Shower Gifts

I have been to a lot of baby showers lately!  I definitely used more things than others with my 3 babies, and I like to share the 3 I used and loved most for future moms and for those gifting future moms too!

1. Just Born Swaddle Blankets

May 18, 2016

Hair Products I'm Loving

I had been doing my hair the same for years and decided it was time for a little change last summer.  I really liked the "crimpy-wavy" look with more volume at the top of my head so I started trying new styling techniques and products.  I also read a few tutorials and ideas of how I should be styling my thin, fine hair.  Here are some things I figured out that have helped me be able to achieve the style I have been trying to:

1. I read this article and figured out that too much product would be bad for my type of hair.  I started using the volumizer shampoo and conditioner from VO5 new line and I love how it makes my hair light, better texture, and smells amazing.  In fact, all of their new line smells amazing and they have something for everyone- plus they are very inexpensive.

2. Once I was using a better shampoo and conditioner for my hair, I also found a better curling tool- originally I was using my straightener to make waves, but the roots would always be flat.  Then I started using an older hot tools curling iron, which was okay, but was losing it's heat.  I LOVE the new Hot Tools irons with the extended barrel for bigger waves.  I talked about that here:  I have also been loving one I got on amazon that makes the tighter "crimpy" waves that I am going for.  It is this one and it is super light so my arm doesn't get tired too.

3.  After I curl my hair, I have LOVED the difference the Moroccanoil products have made for my hair.  I use the Moroccanoil Treatment Light on my damp hair before styling.  After styling I use the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to hold the waves.  Then for extra shine, I use the Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine and I LOVE what these will do for my hair!  Below you can see the difference (left without products and same styling, right is with Moroccanoil products:)

Not to mention they look cute out on my bathroom counter in their pretty turquoises ;)

Hope these will help some of you if you are looking for some hair help!

May 13, 2016

Free Box of Diapers with TopCashBack

For the next 5 days you can receive a free box of Luv's diapers (my favorite brand)  All you have to do is sign up as a new member with TopCashBack.  

Click on their link to order them at Walmart and they will send you a Visa Gift Card in the mail for the amount of the diapers!

I love these deals they do every so often and I have gotten paid with Visa Gifts cards multiple times so I know they work!

May 11, 2016

Platypus Hydration Pack and PackTowl

I was given a couple fun products to try out and took them with me to Hawaii.  You are going to think I am a little ridiculous about them, because having them made a huge difference made the travel and adventurous things we got to do go much more smoothly than if we hadn't.

First of all, traveling with the Platypus hydration-pack was amazing.  It fit SO much into it for seeming like a compact size.  I fit my books and magazines, big DSLR camera, snacks, wallet, phone, portable charger, sunscreen, chap-stick, sunglasses, and more all safe and sound in it.  Everything was really easy to get to since it was very well thought-out and organized.

Once we got to Hawaii I took it everywhere we went.  It was so helpful and so handy.  The weather was sub-par while we were there- rainy half the time and sunny half the time (off and on every day) so we really planned on getting wet and sandy/muddy pretty much everyday.  

I put my really nice, expensive Nikon camera in it and it stayed safe and dry the whole time with constant sand, water, rain showers, mud, kayaking down a river, boating along the coast for 5 hours, standing below a waterfall for an hour, etc.  It has a rain cover that comes out of the bottom pocket that is super easy to pull out and cover it with.  I honestly don' know if my camera would still be working after this trip if I hadn't had this bag.  It became a joke after the first few days of how much I loved this backpack and kept finding new things about it that I loved.  It was easy to talk about the many ways and bug Trey by purposefully talking about it so much haha!

The Pack Towls (luxe)were super great because they fit in a tiny little bag and we could bring them anywhere.  They soaked up the water really well and they even were easy to shake sand off.  I loved the extra big size of the purple and Trey liked the normal sized green one.  We didn't have to worry about asking for beach towels every day from the resort.  I will definitely be using these ALL summer long and probably even at home in the winter.

The Platypus backpack kept my hands and arms free to use at all times - I loved that!  I wore it with all sorts of clothing (even just a swimsuit) and it never rubbed or made me hot- the back has a mesh lining that keeps the back from even touching you so the air can move through the back of it and keep your back cool.  There is also a waist support you can clip and put all the weight on your hips when you are carrying a lot- I did this on our hikes and I felt like I wasn't carrying anything at all!

I am excited to have these for the summer this year!  I plan on taking the kids to the lake, pool, hiking, boating, and all sorts of fun things and both the towels and backpack will be so awesome to have!  If you are planning any fun adventures this summer you would LOVE to have either of these products.  Especially if you are a big outdoors-man.  They would also make really great Father's Day gifts if you are looking for something really fun for Dad. :)