Apr 29, 2013

KOKOON Clothing Giveaway!

I am so excited to introduce you to a clothing boutique today!  "KOKOON is a fashionable lifestyle clothing line known for their feminine, contemporary designs aimed towards busy, modern women. Featuring a variety of soft knits, vibrant and sophisticated prints, and mostly limited edition designs, KOKOON offers women an alternative to mass-produced, cookie-cutter style."

Apr 18, 2013

Inspiring Interiors

Sorry I haven't posted much- I've had my family in town and we just have so much to do!  I will be back early next week with an awesome clothing giveaway for you, but for now here are some gorgeous interiors to inspire you for weekend projects.  I am hoping we will be doing our downstairs bathroom this weekend- wish us luck!

Apr 12, 2013

Friday Giveaway!

Okay, who else is obsessed with bubble necklaces right now?  You know I am, as I have talked about this before.  So, I am super excited to host a giveaway for a mini bubble necklace from a new daily deals website, Daily Product Deals.com!

Just see how cute this one in hot pink is:

I think I like them even more than the regular sized ones- these are just so much less annoying to wear!

Ummm and can I just say that 5 bucks is a STEAL?!  Like, my mom is probably going to go buy one in every color- she has a little necklace addiction right now...we probably need to have an intervention.  j/k Mom :)

So, take a chance to win one in a week, or just go buy one since they are so cheap :)  And, to tempt you even more here is a 10% off coupon code- just use JESSISBEST at checkout (obviously I didn't make the code otherwise that would be a little conceited haha)

Oh, AND you can use that code ALL month on ANY products on Daily Product Deals.com!

Use the rafflecopter below to enter:

Apr 8, 2013

Monday Funny

Here are some "Monday Funnies" because it is a rainy and cold Monday...

 Ron Swanson is my favorite

Apr 6, 2013

Have a Great Weekend!

This is what I will be doing this weekend!  I love this weekend so much!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!  I promise I will post more next week than I did this week ;)

Apr 1, 2013


Since Macsen LOVES food pouches, and is such a picky eater, I thought I would like to try this new product made especially for the food pouches.