Dec 31, 2008

Allie loves being with the family. Tonight Trey and I got to go on a date and left her with Grandma & Grandpa and Jamie & Jeff. She did really well!

We have had a GREAT Christmas vacation so far. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Trey's family and the day after Christmas we took a 6:30 am flight to Seattle to spend the rest of our vacation with my fam. The roads were HORRIBLE at 4:45 in the morning so we barely made it in time. We literally walked on the plane and they closed the doors after us. It has been a lot of fun being here with everyone and fun to have so much snow! We've been playing games, watching football, and eating lots of treats and ice cream!

Nov 9, 2008

Well, I am really bad at updating my blog. I have decided I am more of a facebook person. So, if any of you want to see an updated picture of Allie you will just have to look at my facebook :) But, I will just post a quick update now...

Allie is getting so big! She is crawling now and has more and more personality every day. She makes funny faces and laughs and smiles a lot. She also gets fussy - I think she is teething right now. She is so fun even when she is a lot of work. Tad and Candice had their baby boy so we were pretty excited about that. We've been helping them try to get their remodel done on their house before he came. They were literally working until the second they left to the hospital and still have a lot to do. We are so excited for them though. Trey had fun on Halloween - his favorite holiday-carving a Jacksonville Jaguar pumpkin. It looked pretty good. Now I am getting REALLY excited for my favorite holiday - Christmas!!!! It will be even more un with Allie too!

Jun 13, 2008

Just Hangin Out

Jun 5, 2008

Four weeks old...holding Daddy's finger.

I just love this pic of her!

Grandma holding her. I don't know what I would have done if Mom didn't come for that week after Allie was born!

So little...

First time Trey held her.

This is a couple hours after. Trey went with the nurse to give Allie a bath and they moved me to recovery. He brought her in with a yellow and white bow on her head and she looked soooo cute! She looked a lot different just an hour after her birth! Tad and Candice took this pic - they were our first official visitors!

I am finally posting after having Allie. This was the first time I got to hold my baby girl! It was probably the most awesome experience of my life! I was induced early b/c Allie was not growing anymore. They induced me at 2pm Tuesday and Allie came into the world at 4:25 am Wednesday morning. She was only 5lbs. 10oz. It was just amazing and it was so fun having mom stay with me the week after too. I actually really miss it!

Apr 7, 2008

More Seattle Pics

Apr 5, 2008

Seattle for Conference Weekend

Trey and I came up here to Seattle for Conference weekend...its the last week I can travel. We have been just relaxing with Mom, Dad, and Mel. We went to Coulon Park Friday and today (Saturday) Trey and Dad went golfing and us girls went shopping. We are celebrating Trey's birthday tonight (we are surprising him) Tomorrow we are having Conference breakfast with the Dedominicos and we leave Monday morning. This pic is me and Trey at Coulon.

Apr 2, 2008

I was bored so I did Candice's little quiz from her blog:

How long have you been together? married- 2 years April 20th...together 3 years this June
How long did you date? about 10 months
How old is he? 26
Who eats more? I think I do but its pretty close either way
Who said I Love You First? He did
Who is taller? He is...he's 6'1" I'm almost 5'6"
Who sings better? I think he does :)
Who is smarter? I swear he knows something about everything...
Who does the laundry? I do if I'm home alone but we do it together if we are both home
Who does the dishes? mostly me :)
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does
Who pays the bills? We take turns, but he does most of them
Who mows the lawn? We haven't had a lawn to mow yet...
Who cooks dinner? I do once in a blue moon and he has a couple times for me. We aren't very good at actually cooking a dinner...
Who is more stubborn? I say him but he would probably say me - we are both oldest children
Who kissed who first? He did...and only on our first "group outing"
Who asked who out? I asked him out to that first group thing
Who proposed? Trey
Who is more sensitive? Me
Who has more friends? probably him...I am bad at keeping in touch with my friends!
Who has more siblings? We have the same but I am getting another brother-in-law so in a way I kinda have more...but not really
Trey made me dinner the other night...he is so sweet!

Mar 18, 2008

Baby Belly

I saw this idea for a pic on someone else's blog and HAD to do it.
Trey took this last night - my mom sent me 3 REALLY cute maternity shirts and this was one of them! Thanks mom I love them!

Trey took this pic after church 2 Sundays ago...

In the last month my tummy has probably doubled in size! I want to start taking pics every week so I can see the progress!

Mar 17, 2008

Baby Shower

I had to take a belly picture!
Brad and Cindy got us this travel system. I love it and can't wait to use it!

The rocking chair that all the Ford sisters bought for us! I love it!

The baby crib that Tad and Candice bought me and Trey! They spoil us!

Me and Candice

Cute Baby girl clothes!

Candice Tuttle threw me a baby shower!! It was perfect - she's the best. We had it at their house in Salt Lake and I was so happy that so many people came!

Matt & Heather's Wedding

Dancing at the Reception (Matt & Heather)

At the temple.

At the dinner.

Our friends Matt and Heather got married the first weekend of February. We got to go to the dinner, temple and reception. And, I got to slow dance with Trey for the first time since we've been married so I was pretty happy about that. :)

Mar 16, 2008

Christmas in Seattle

Christmas Eve night we flew into Seattle after celebrating with the Hills'. We spent the week playing ping pong, darts, rock band, and watching lots of football.

This pic was taken at Fat Cats in Provo in September or October (we went bowling with a bunch of friends)
December 19th we foud out we are having a baby GIRL! We are going to name her Allie Lynn Hills :)

Hanging out with Tad and Candice in December...snow day!

At the Jazz Game when our friends Heather and Matt got engaged in November.

Squaw Peak...the Fall.

American Fork Canyon

After a year in our Orem apartment we moved in with Trey's parents for a few months in Alpine. We foud out just after our summer vacation we were pregnant! It was a big surprise but we have been getting more and more excited.

Trey and I hiked to Snoqualmie Falls Hanging out at the campsite in Lake Roosevelt

Dad doing tricks

Brian doing tricks

Our trip to Washington for the summer. We went to Lake Roosevelt, Lincoln Rock...Boating every day for a week. It was SO much fun.

Demolition Derby in Heber...pretty redneck :)