Feb 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy belated Valentine's Day!  I made my kids do a quick photo shoot before church yesterday - mostly a success except that Jensen's kissy marks looked like bruises haha!  Oh well- next year I'll improve on those ;)

Feb 10, 2016

Packing for San Diego

I am so excited to get out of Utah and into warmer weather for a week and I've been thinking about what I need to make sure I bring from past vacations- so I thought I would share if any of you are taking a trip soon.  

Parents of little kids know you never go on a long road trip without this ;)  Another thing I do for long car travel is stop by the Dollar Tree before we leave and spend about $20 on toys and other things to keep the kids entertained in the car.

Feb 3, 2016

5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Wow this winter has SUCKED in Utah.  I DO NOT like this much snow.  It's pretty and fun for the first 2 months, then it just gets REALLY old.  If you can't tell this winter has been difficult for me- not just because of bad weather but because I haven't felt great.  The last month has been a time of trying some new things to help with the tiredness, boredom, sickness, etc.  I think I have found some great tips that can help beat those winter blues: