Sep 14, 2009

Allie Girl

I thought I should do a post all about Allie since I haven't for a while and she keeps growing so fast!
She still loves going on walks and can't be outside long enough. Now that the weather is cooling off we will be able to take more walks.
Misty gave Allie some old necklaces and she loves them. She also loves every other girly thing...bracelets, brushing her hair, wearing my shoes (including my heels,) putting on clothes (sometimes layers and layers) and purses. Her hair is at an awkward stage. It is so thin that it gets ratty really easily in the back where it is long, but it looks funny if I try putting it in pigtails. I just let it do what it wants for now. :(
She loves to play on our bed and she has gotten a lot more cuddly (especially with Trey now that we don't see him very much.)
She is our little daredevil. This summer she would just walk right into the pool if we let her. She usually runs places, rather than walking, and can't be outside long enough.
She loves her babies and taking care of them. I always catch her feeding them and giving them kisses and hugs.
She loves riding on the rocking horse that Trey's parents got her. She climbs on it probably the most difficult way possible, standing on the seat, and then sits down. She especially likes to sit on it while she watches her favorite movie (one of the 500 Land Before Time sequels.)
She just started making this really fake laugh...but she does it all the time. I'm not sure how long that phase will last...Notice all of her teeth-she is only missing a few now.
She loves getting into our wallets and my purses. She has learned that she can't play with our cell phones anymore, so she uses just about anything else to pretend to talk on the phone. Her favorite is to "talk" to Grandma and Grandpa...until they are actually on the phone, then she just listens and smiles.
She loves walking on different surfaces...low and high.
When we are on walks, or in the car, and she is getting tired of sitting in the stroller, or car seat, we ask her if she can see any puppies and this is what she does. She points straight ahead like she can see them and it distracts her for a minute. Usually we see a few dogs when we go on walks, so it isn't that mean of us to get her excited about it.
Allie is a little rock collector. She finds rocks no matter where we are, and carries them around with her as long as possible. She usually has her hands full when we put her in the car to leave.

She is my little sweetie...
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Fister Family said...

She is so cute! I love the last picture of her sleeping. She looks so peaceful:)

Natalie Smith said...

Jess...We have the same child! I guess it is because of the closeness in age...but you pretty much described my little Rylee. This is such a fun, busy time of life! I have started to feel the real responsibility of teaching her EVERYTHING! Yay to lil' girls!

Precious pictures.

Jess said...

That's too funny Natalie! Too bad we don't live closer so they could play together.

mindy said...

wow jess, you are quite the blogger!! I love the kitty food can!! we need to get together to go to gardner village!!