Jul 5, 2011

Life is Goooood

Well, thanks for being patient with my scheduled posts the last couple weeks.  I had a lot of fun with my family while they were here and was sad to see them go, but I will see them again soon.  Plus, now I have my little bro and sis just an hour away so I can see them more.  

I have been feeling so grateful lately...for a lot of things, but mostly for my family.  This pregnancy has been SO much different than with Allie, and not just the physical aspect but also the emotional side of things.  I have been nothing but excited for this little baby and SO much more relaxed about the whole experience now that I know what to expect.  I feel nothing but gratitude, even when I am feeling a little sick or tired.  Although, the whole weight gain thing is still probably the hardest part of it for me...how vain...

Anyways, I am planning on doing just a few posts here and there about baby and maternity stuff, but I won't bore you with it too much.  For now I just have to share some of the things I have been feeling grateful for because I just can't help myself:

A late Spring in Utah
Normally I would not be grateful for this, except when I am pregnant I am significantly hotter all the time.  Luckily we didn't go from 40 degree weather to the 90's like we sometimes get.  We had a few weeks of nice 70 degree temperatures :)

I have been so addicted to Pinterest lately...but there are so many inspiring photos!  Just try it out for yourself if you haven't already...you'll see what I mean.

Relaxing Sundays & Naps
Do I really have to expound on this?  This is definitely more appreciated by pregnant women :)

Walks to see the horses
Allie lives for this, so it is fun to see her get so excited to do something so simple.  This is one of my favorite things about having kids - they make you remember how amazing and exciting the world is.

Most of all: My family.  
I don't know what I would do or who I would be without them.  I am also so grateful for such an amazing husband, sweet little girl, and this baby on the way.  Pretty sure I hit the jackpot.

What are you grateful for right now?
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Candice said...

I'm jealous of your late spring! I hear you on the naps (although I rarely get one). I love life's simple pleasures too, every Monday Wes reminds me how amazing the garbage truck is. And we all know your family is awesome :) Currently I'm most grateful for a HEALTHY family!

Jessica @ Life's Good Be Happy said...

I love that blanket in the picture above and that is such a great picture of you and your family! Have a great day!