Jul 12, 2011

My Wish List Right Now

I am totally completely obsessed with the iPad right now.  Getting one of these for my birthday/Christmas this year WILL happen :)  I can think of 100 ways I would use it and love it:

 I love chunky bracelets, but even more, ones that look like a few bracelets put together like this watch.  Love it.

 I have been seeing SO many rings that I love lately.  This one I thought was just to die for:

I have been searching for affordable wedges exactly like these ones all summer...

I love the nursing cover I have right now, but I thought this one was especially cute since it doesn't look like one:

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marci said...

I'm dreaming of an iPad, too. Hopefully Santa will bring me one for Christmas. :)

Amy said...

I just got my iPad for my birthday!! I LOVE it! I have been keeping up with my blog reading on it, and doing a little bit of blogging. You are right there is so much you can do with this cool thing! I wish I was independently wealthy and I would get you and all my friends one! Hope you are able to mark this off your wish list!!

Karena said...

Oh I would love an I pad, a Kindle as well!!


Art by Karena

dana @ wonder forest said...

i kind of love that type of watch!
xo dana

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

an ipad is on my wishlist too! i think my fiance and i could use one..we always struggle to share the laptop. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

a Bug and Bird said...

that ring won my heart and wedges are great from spring, summer, and fall! i just had the wedges i wore for my wedding day shipped to me in sydney and can't wait until winter is over!

dedeanna said...

I bought an ipad more than a year ago...and just got around to opening/ adding apps/ tunes/ broadcasts, etc....I know, I know....it lost 9 months of technology edge the day I purchased and I am still not 'current'....I love it however the older I get the more I resist change....BUT, once I succomb to the task of change at hand...it's all good and sometimes even better !!!!

smcafoos said...

Where did you find that watch? I love it!