Sep 12, 2011

Planning Kids' Boy and Girl Room

I know I have already posted on this here, but I am getting more excited about Allie & Macsen's room as things are starting to come together.  Fortunately, I have been able to incorporate some of my future review and giveaway products into the room, and I am really excited to share those with you.  So far here are the main changes I am going to be making:

Hanging lanterns, pom poms, and stringing circle garlands over the crib...not sure how I am going to do this yet or how it will turn out, but can't wait to start.

 Big letter "A" and big letter "M" above crib and bed.

 2 big pictures above Allie's bed of Allie and Macsen.

Striped accent wall on Macsen's side of the room (turquoise.)

Color combo of yellow, blue, and turquoise with lots of white/cream and some dark browns.

 And for the first review/giveaway coming up on the blog: Giraffe pillows on Allie's bed (where you see these zebra ones-behind the others in a big square size.)

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Karena said...

Jess so many great ideas to incorporate, It is going to be a wonderful room for the kiddies!!


Art by Karena

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Allegra said...

lovely post!

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a Bug and Bird said...

i definitely saved the picture of grey stripes in the nursery. i plan on having 2-3 kids and making our smallest room the nursery and using it for all kids and want to use stripes... of course we're not having our first kid for 3 years... and we're still living in australia, and we don't own a home, but still!

Justine said...

I can't wait to see the pillow giveaway!
I think the big letters and the pictures will be a great idea!

Anonymous said...

the lanterns and poms would add a lot I think! very cool - and you could change them out easily over time. Oh how fun - and the name is great! were you deciding on a few or did you always want a boy named macsen?

Candice said...

I hadn't heard about the name yet! Macsen's cute! I love the striped wall and the color scheme you chose. Very Jess. :)

Jess said...

Thanks everyone! Hopefully everything turns out as cute as I am envisioning it :) Macsen was a name my husband came up with- it is a Welsh/Scottish name, which we love because much of our family comes from there.

LC said...

Beautiful ideas! Your blog post inspired me to write about my son's room ( Thanks for the wonderful inspiration :)