Mar 26, 2011

Shirts to Make You Smile: Costume Squad

Costume Squad doesn't just sell funny t-shirts.  They also have some awesome costumes (it's never too early to get your Halloween costume, right?)

This is the Hadoken t-shirt from another video game called Streetfighter.  Of course I haven't heard of it before because I am not cool enough :)  Normally if a shirt had a picture this big on it I would worry about it wearing away and coming off soon, but since they print the logos directly on the shirts there is no need to worry.

This one is a "super soft tee" so the cotton is a little less stiff and even more comfortable.  It is also the same shape as the other two (not too boxy but not too tight either.)


Crystal Spencer said...

Streetfighter, Jess?! Come on! I guess I had older brothers who were obsessed growing up. The sad thing is Taylor and his friends have had Streetfighter tournaments since we've been married. haha! Love the shirt though!

Katie said...

Now that I'm a momma...this applies! :) Love your etsy shop and following now!