Mar 14, 2011

Creating My Way to Success Feature

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  We just got back from being in St. George and Vegas and had such a great time!  Just in case you missed it, I thought I would share my feature at Creating My Way to Success from a couple weeks back since I didn't have time to get a post ready for today:

What do you create?

 Well, let's see...I keep a blog of my favorite things (from life and from the things I see in blogland,) I am a photographer and do a couple shoots a month usually, and I also love to try out new craft projects here and there.

Why do you create?

I started really blogging after Allie was about 1 1/2.  She was a lot easier to take care of and I had a lot more free time on my hands.  I had to do something to keep me from getting too bored.   That is the same time the crafting came into my life; since I didn't really have an interest in it before that.  For my photography, I do it because I love to document life and see it in its beauty.  Photography is my passion and I love that I learn more about it constantly and improve constantly.  

Do you sell your creations?

I just started an etsy shop for the random craft projects I do.  I also plan on selling vintage treasures I find and photographic prints.  I am not currently pursuing my photography business, but I take whatever jobs and learning opportunities come at me here and there.  I usually do 1-3 shoots a month and I charge a minimum amount for the time I put into them.
 (some of the items in my etsy shop right now)

What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned?

I can't really think of any specific ones off the top of my head.  I have had some less-than-perfect experiences dealing with companies or other bloggers, but those are things that just come with the territory.  For my photography, I decided when I first started it that I would be the kind of photographer that I would hire myself.  I always give my clients the digital copies of their photos (since, to me, this is like having insurance on my photos) and that I would only charge what I felt my experience was worth.  This may be a bad thing for business, but it makes me feel good about what I do.

What, to you, is success?  Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way to success?  

A year ago I would have said that success is being well-known and making the kind of money that could support all the travel and hobbies I would like to have.  Now, however, I would say that success is knowing that you are doing what you are supposed to; and putting yourself second.  I try not to get caught up in numbers and focus more on my priorities.  Making my family and religion come first, then my business aspirations come second.  For example, right now I know that I am supposed to focus more on being a mom and raising my kids the way they deserve with my blog and photography being more of a hobby than a business. 
(My husband, daughter and me)
So, what's next?

Well, my husband will soon be starting grad school, who knows where, and I plan on blogging more about money-saving tips, our adventures in grad school, having more kids, and eventually working on our future house.  I also hope to start digging deeper into the business-minded aspect of photography, when I feel the time is right.  I look forward to all of this, as I love change and adventure, and feel like my life just keeps getting better!

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