Dec 6, 2009

Another First For Allie

Friday night we took Allie to go for a drive to look at Christmas lights. It was fun to get really excited about them to try to get Allie excited...felt like Christmas did when I was a kid. She kept pointing and saying "ooooh!" It was pretty cute.

Can you see why this house was her favorite?

These pictures were taken with Trey's cell phone.

We took her to the store after wards to look at toys...we do this to see what toy she likes the most so we know what to get her for Christmas. She is getting a doll and some knock-off brand of my little pony.
and horses are her favorites.

It was a fun night for Allie.
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Fister Family said...

How fun. My kids love to look at lights too, but they always end up asking, "Why don't we do that at our house?".

Elizabeth said...

That's a good idea to take her to the store and see what she likes. Genius.

Justine said...

What a lucky little girl! =]

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