Dec 10, 2009

Some Good Finds

Today I went to DI (Deseret Industries which is like a goodwill).

I found some pretty cool things that I was tempted to buy.

I had to remind myself that we don't have room for anything...

This nice wicker chair was only $15

Metal table with tile top $15

I wanted to buy this gun case and spruce it up for my husband...some paint or sanding and a stain...some cool knobs...but we don't have anywhere to put it. It was only $20 and solid wood.

I'm kinda mad at myself for not getting these deer wall hangings...I had some ideas...paint them white...
They were ceramic and only $2 each, but I decided I didn't need them.

I did, however, get Allie some clothes...a post on that to come, once they are washed.

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ammunk said...

nice finds! Did you go to the DI by our house?

ammunk said...

p.s. you should go back and get the heads before I do :)

Natalie Smith said...

I am jealous...I have said this before, but our second hand stores here by our house never has anything tempting. No fair. By the way...we have that chair and I love it. It's in Rylee's room. Good finds on your treasure hunt.

Landmark lighting said...

I love the DI

KayC. said...

Love should have gotten the deer. They would have looked great painted white!