Dec 9, 2009

My Christmas Wishlist

Last Christmas I received a lot of spending money. This is probably the best gift, because I LOVE to shop. Last Christmas I went shopping with my mom and sisters, which is one of my favorite things to do...

I couldn't find ANYTHING I wanted! I think all I ended up buying was a pair of dark jeans. BORING!

This year I am really excited...I have a REALLY long list of things I want and I have some spending money too. Can't wait for the shopping spree this year.

Here's what's on my list (not in any order):

A casual brown bag (for everyday use, that can hold diapers, bottles, and snacks)

Really long, really warm socks (Utah is getting really cold)

Black jeans (not sure about this one yet)

Cute, slouchy and simple shirts and cardigans (possibly other shirts or sweaters)

A fun, colorful wallet (one that is smaller and more stylish than what I already have)

A pretty headband (if my husband decides he likes them)

A pair of cubic zirconia studs (I wear these everyday)

Possibly one more pair of WARM winter boots that can get dirty (so a dark color)

Some fun flannel pajama bottoms (for days I don't go anywhere:)

Maybe one of these "shawl "cardigans? (I've wanted one forever.)

Some cute, warm boot slippers (or just ugly ones if they are cheaper)

Fingerless gloves (for shooting outdoor weddings)
Some sunglasses (not sure what style yet)

Do I look greedy??? I think I do.

Just so you know, I have just as much fun BUYING presents for other people...

Okay maybe just a little tiny bit more fun buying stuff for myself.

Do you think I can get all of this for around $100 or so???

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Fister Family said...

If you can get all that stuff for $100 I will be amazed! Your post reminded me how much I hate shopping for purses, so I blogged about it! That is a cute brown bag:) I hope that you get at least a couple of the things on your list:)

Ceci and Steven said...

if you figure out how to get all of this for 100 let me know the secret. I want some of those carigans too. And about the headband, just buy it and when you wear it he'll know you really like it, plus you'll look cute with it on, so he'll totally change his mind. That's what happened with my headband I bought recently. haha. oh husbands and their opinions! gotta love em'
good list though!

Unknown said...

No way are you greedy, my wish list is just as long and i'm with you I love giving just as much, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment x

ammunk said...

Just got some new gloves. They are mitten/fingerless gloves, on sale at Kohls if you are interested. After you mentioned it the other day I started thinking about my two cold fingers and decided it was time to give up the homeless gloves. :)

Brian's mom said...

If anyone can do it, you can Jess! I can't wait to shop with you! :)

Brian's mom said...

If anyone can do it, you can Jess! I can't wait to shop with you! :)