Dec 15, 2009

Christmas Favorites

I was just thinking about more reasons I love Christmas today...
Because this is what I see from where I am most the day (lots of white poinsettias and my Christmas tree which isn't in the picture)

Because random people say "Merry Christmas" rather than "hello" like the mailman and cashiers.

Because when you go out, even though there are a lot more people and there may be more traffic, there is an excitement in the air - you can feel it. Sometimes it is a stressful feeling like the desperation of people looking for the perfect gift. But most of the time it is a positive energy of people getting ready for family and food and fun.

Because if I am craving something sweet and don't have anything in the house I am okay, because I know I will eat my weight in treats this month.

Because I can watch the Christmas movies that I love like Elf, Rudolph, Frosty, A Christmas Story, and not feel dumb that most of them are for kids.

Because I get to wear lots of cute, warm sweaters. I love this one, image via Bliss.
Because this is what I see driving home from the store...where I picked up some pictures I've been working on for a Christmas present, and where I also got a present I wasn't expecting to get but found the perfect one and it was a great deal :)

Because people feel more united during the season, maybe because we are more giving, maybe because we are all celebrating.

And the list goes on and on...What are some reasons you like the Christmas season? Silly and sentimental...
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