Mar 23, 2016

$25 of ELF Makeup Free and Make a Buck

****Update: This has been extended one more day!!****

Who wants to get $43 of makeup for free ($25 your choice and $18 gift pictured above) and even make a couple bucks on top of that?  I already did it, and here is how you can too:

1. Sign up for TopCashBack if you haven't already (this is how you end up making a buck and this is a great thing to have for future money back deals but you can get the free makeup without it.)

2. Click on the link in TopCashBack for ELF cosmetics (click on the 10% cashback button) and fill your cart with at least $25 worth of makeup.

3. At checkout enter codes BLOOM and OURTREAT (shipping code will be applied at the very end so don't worry.)  Also make sure the magazine subscription deal is in your cart at checkout- it will not charge you for this and this is how you will get the $24 rebate.

4. Print off the rebate form and your email receipt when you finish checking out, fill out form and send it to the address provided.

THAT'S IT!!!  Sweet!


Tiana Smith said...

This seems like a cool deal :) It didn't give me a rebate form though...? Any thoughts?

Jess said...

Here is the link to the rebate form if you need it: