Mar 28, 2016

Easter Spring Photoshoot

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday yesterday!  My new favorite thing lately is setting up cute little photo shoots with my kids on the holidays.  I never do anything crazy- but if I look for ideas online I can always find some really cute and simple ideas and I literally only spend 10 minutes with the kids to get lots of cute pictures.  Here are some simple ideas if you want to do a Spring Photoshoot with your kids:

Spread out a blanket in the grass with a good background. 
 If the background isn't that great just make sure to keep your camera ata low f stop.  A good rule of thumb is to keep your f stop around the number of people you are shooting.  For example, if I am just doing one child I can go down to f1.4 or f1.8.   If I am taking a picture of all three of my kids I rarely go below f 2.8. 

Don't have good weather?  Use your prettiest bed/couch and add some flowers for a beautiful shoot.  
Open the curtains and if you still don't have the best light shoot with your flash pointed to the ceiling to spread the light evenly through the room.

Fields of flowers are always a good idea.  
For the Spring this would most likely be tulips or daffodils. 

Blossoms are also a great Spring backdrop.  
If you see them, make sure you do the pictures ASAP because they are very fleeting- especially if a Spring storm comes through and blows them all away.

Use simple props pretty rustic fences or wheelbarrows/wagons, flowers, baskets, boxes...
Don't get too carried away with couches and fancy chairs in the middle of a field, tents and entire picnic spreads, or intricate banners and signs.  It might look cute but also a little out of place and super annoying and hard to place in the location.  When kids are involved the key is to keep it as simple as possible and make it fun for your kids. Including your kids favorite stuffed animals can be cute and make them happier for the pictures.  

Rainboots + Spring = Perfect
What else says Spring better than rainboots?  Include an umbrella and let your kids go splash in some puddles!  Make sure they are wearing something you are okay with them getting wet and muddy ;)

Add real animals for extra cuteness
I was lucky to have some super awesome friends that let me come over and play with their bunny before church on Sunday.  The only hard part of using a real animal is that the kids won't be looking at you in the pictures and it can get a little crazy! haha!  If you want to do photoshoots with kids and animals I would suggest putting a little fence around the area you are shooting in.  

Don't limit yourself to bunnies and chicks for the Spring- you can add your pets, chickens, goats, horses, sheep (lambs would be adorable)- really the sky is the limit!  

Of course make sure you reward your pet for their cooperation- just as you will need to reward your kids.  Bribery always works great for us to get good pictures and is oh so worth it! :)

Hope you can use some of these ideas to get some great photos of your own kids!
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