Sep 19, 2015

My Halloween Decor - For Now

I actually decorated for Halloween this year!!!  I am really excited about it too- it was WAY more fun that I thought it could be and I'm a little addicted now.  I am not big on holiday decorating (except Christmas of course) so I am working on that and its becoming something that I (and the kids) look forward to.  I really only spent a day on this- including the shopping I did.  I stopped by Target and the Dollar Tree then came home and spent a couple hours putting everything together.  Next year it will be even easier since I'll be keeping all the print outs in their frames and on their you can see:

My mom helped me make this pretty hydrangea wreath that I use from Spring until Christmas...very versatile.  I added this sign I got at Target on clearance one year for under a dollar.

The crows, skull and bats are from Dollar Tree.  The cute sign in my pot is from Target ($3)

I just bought this cute shoe organizer for my narrow entryway and it makes SUCH a difference- and now I have a place to add a little character.  I got the prints in the frames from Ella Claire.  The apothecary labels I printed from Lia Griffith, and the book cover is from Little House on the Corner.

I just scoured the house for random bottles and used everything I already owned for this display (besides the crow, skulls, and spider from Dollar Tree)

This is my favorite print and display :)  Again, I already owned the frame and candles and holders so it was an inexpensive and easy way to decorate!

Lastly, don't forget the Fall Scented candles- I bought the Glade Wax called "Pumpkin Pit Stop" and my house smells AMAZING.  I have been in the best mood this week with the perfect Fall weather and my house feeling very "Fally" :)  Hopefully this will help some of you get some ideas of what you want to do in your homes this year!
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