Jan 31, 2013

Make Some Makeup!

Lately, with my skin being so pasty white, I have felt like I needed to add a little color to my face.  I started reading Maskcara.com and I love her blog!  I have tried a ton of stuff and love everything I try.

Well, my most recent endevour came from wanting to save myself a little money.  I have been wanting to go buy both a highlighter and an eye primer (since I have been wearing more eyeshadow than usual) and lucky for me- Cara just BARELY posted how you can make your own!

So, I pulled out my shoebox full of extra and old makeup (is that weird?) And, I was so excited to find that I had everything I needed!  Here is all it takes:

First for the eye primer, here is Cara's recipe:

image from Maskcara.com

It was a little hard to mix the cornstarch in, and I was worried I hadn't gotten equal amounts of everything, but it turned out great!

Next the Illuminator (Highlighter) Cara's Recipe:

image from Maskcara.com

I used my beautymint moisturizer, neutrogena skin-clearing foundation, and mineral eyeshadow (in elegant) by e.l.f

And here is a little pic of what my makeup looked like after I added the highlighter and eye primer with shadow.

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Jan 28, 2013

1 Hour Curtains

I hate sewing!  So, when I decided to make curtains for a couple rooms in our new house I was NOT looking forward to it.  I finally bit the bullet and did it on Saturday and guess what?  It only took me an hour to do a set of curtains!  I thought I should share my process to help anyone else looking for a quick way to "clothe" their windows. :)

All you need:

6 yards of fabric minus 10ish inches (if you want floor to ceiling curtains)
You can always do them shorter...just guesstimate by holding the fabric you have up to your windows.
I got this fabric from Whole Port.

Sewing Machine



1 Hour

Start by laying the fabric out on the floor (leave it folded lengthwise for convenience) and if you have 6 yards cut off about 10 inches.  Then cut the rest in half.

Now you have 2 panels, one for each side of your window.

Sew the edges of each panel (length of the curtain) just to finish the sides.  You can tuck it under twice if you prefer, but then you will have to pin it and it will take you a lot longer.

Next you can either sew the top or the bottom of the curtain, doesn't matter.  I did the top so in the end I could make sure the bottoms were the same length.

You will want to fold it over about 2 inches (give or take depending on the size of rod you will be using)

Then the edges will need to be folded under to finish it off.  Pin both folds together- this saves you a step of sewing and pinning one fold at a time!

I fold and pin both ends of the curtain first to make sure they are equal, or you can use a ruler if you are more of a perfectionist than me :)

To finish the curtain, sew the bottoms, but make sure they are the same length- you can lay them out on the floor and check.

Then fold the bottoms over twice to prevent fraying and pin

Sew and hang!

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Jan 24, 2013

7 Weight Loss Tips

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes because of some extra weight put on- whether it is from having a baby or the holidays.  I seem to gain those extra pesky 5 pounds every year in the Spring...not sure why- maybe because I am extra lazy from Jan-March and they catch up with me.  But, I have a few tips that can help out those of you trying to get rid of a few extra pounds that don't require a lot of self-discipline or time.

1.  Don't slow down.  My husband always makes fun of me because I seem to do things at a speed that most people would interpret as rushed or ridiculously hurried...But, I think the extra spills and messes are worth it for the extra calories burned and all the things I can get done in a day :) I love these tips to burn more calories in simple ways.

2.  Listen to your body.  When it comes to eating, sleep, and exercise I always pay a lot of attention to what my body is telling me it needs.  I have decided I need 8-10 hours of sleep (partly because it is interrupted) but sleep makes all the difference to me!  Also, when I am just craving chocolate I grab a handful of dark chocolate chips.  And when I am hungry, I eat.  I just try to make healthy food decisions, but I don't keep anything off limits- just in moderation.

3. Don't get sucked into fad diets.  They may work the first time you do them, but you will put the weight right back on after you stop eating that crazy way.  Counting calories and getting those calories from a balanced & healthy diet is always best.

4. Find non-food ways to reward yourself.  Whether its taking a nap, bath, reading, watching TV, getting outside or going shopping, there are plenty of ways you can do this.

5. Also, don't misinterpret something you are wanting for hunger.  Sometimes all you need is a glass of water, to get warm (especially during those cold winter days) or even to find something to do (boredom can cause unnecessary eating)

6. Don't eat late at night!  This is the hardest thing for me!  Sometimes if I need to lose a couple pounds I will just stop eating after dinner and they come off in no time.

7. Love yourself and stay positive.  The worst thing for me to do is focus on the parts of my body that I am hating at the time.  The best thing I can do is look at the parts I like and appreciate having a healthy body than enables me to do so much.  Then, as the weight starts coming off I start focusing on how much better I feel and how much better I like parts of my body.

I know that I am young and have good genes, but I know a lot of people that don't and these things seem to help them too.  The important thing is NOT the number on the scale, but the way you feel about yourself and your body.  Hopefully some of you will be able to use some of these tips too! :)

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Jan 21, 2013

Pretty Interiors

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Jan 17, 2013

Togging Out Your Tots

It can be great fun shopping for kid’s clothes, but it can also quickly become expensive. This
is where your local supermarket comes in.

Supermarkets have some amazing children’s clothing ranges, with unbelievably low price
points that won’t stretch the household budget.

You’ll find an amazing range of kid’s clothes at George, making it super convenient to fit
shopping for clothes into your busy life. Pick up gorgeous fashions while doing your weekly
shop, or fill an online basket from the comfort of home and have your new purchases
delivered direct to your door. ASDA Direct makes the shopping experience easy, and you’ll
also have the piece of mind of the ASDA 100 Day Guarantee, which means that you can
return any items that you’re not satisfied with, up to 100 days after purchase.

Shopping for tots is made easy with George, so fill their wardrobes with cute outfits that
they’re sure to love for less at ASDA, including:

Cozy Hoodies and Sweaters

With months of winter still left to endure you may want to add to their jumper collection. Plain
coloured zip through hoodies are a good bargain buy, or treat the kids to a cute character
hoody. You’ll find Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog and Cars at ASDA online – sure to put a
smile on the face of any little boy. For girls think prints - stars, stripes, spots and flowers look
great on comfy sweaters.

Statement Tees

Kids can get away with cheeky slogans and cute designs, so feel free to go wild. There’s a
time and a place for plain white tees, and playtime isn’t it. Bright colours look fantastic – or
let them show off their love of their favourite character and pick up popular Moshi Monsters,
Hello Kitty, Disney and superhero designs.

Comfy Trousers

While leggings and joggers offer the ultimate in comfort for lounging and playing, jeans are
tough and durable – great for rough and tumble playtime. Make sure that your kids have got a
good mix of the two to choose from.

For girls, it’s all about the printed trousers this year. Find jeans and leggings in spot, heart,
floral or butterfly all over prints to put your little fashionista at the head of the fashion pack.

Coloured trousers are cute on little boys, but don’t be tempted to sacrifice comfort for style
and go for a really skinny fit for under fives as they really won’t thank you for it.

Gilets and Jackets

The temperamental British weather means that a good selection of jackets are needed. Gilets
are good for cooler days when a full jacket isn’t required. Simply pop on over a thick jumper,
cardigan or hoody for a streetwise look.

For wet weather days waterproofs are essential. Little ones will love waterproof all-in-ones for
splashing in big puddles. Or go for a fleece lined waterproof to keep the chill out.

When the wind is really biting, only a padded jacket will do. You can pick up padded jackets
for less than £10 at ASDA Direct, meaning you can keep your kids cosy and warm without
scrimping and saving.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to tog out your tots! Check out supermarket ranges of kid’s
clothes to find all that you need to fill their wardrobes.

Jan 14, 2013

Homemade Pork Rub

Since I have had a LOT more time on my hands lately, not to mention a great kitchen, I have actually been cooking and actually liking it a little more!  I thought I better take some pictures along the way so I can share some of my favorite recipes with you.

I am a big fan of pork roast and I had never done a pork rub when cooking it before because it was just another spice to buy- then I realized I could make my own!

Here is the recipe I adjusted to the spices I actually had:

Pork Rub
3 tsp. Brown Sugar
1 tsp. Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes (I used 1 tsp- we like spicy)
1 tsp. Black Pepper
2 tsp. Salt

Mix it all together and rub on your pork roast

Now is where you can do lots of things with your pork!  I prefer to cook mine in a can of Dr. Pepper.  You can also add liquid smoke, more brown sugar, bbq sauce, etc.  Cook on low until tender (8ish hours) if you have the time...I didn't so I cooked on high for about 5 hours.

When you pull it out, discard most of the watery stuff it is cooked in so it doesn't get all "mushy" when you shred it.  Add sauces you like to the pulled pork, or if you cooked in in a thicker liquid you can use that!

My favorite Cafe Rio sauce:
2 Cans Dr. Pepper or Coke
2 cups Brown Sugar
1 Can Red Enchilada Sauce (I don't usually use this)
2 Cans Diced Green Chiles (Another thing I frequently omit)

This is making me hungry just typing out the recipe!

Jan 11, 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Whenever I am in need of a good laugh I get on the humor section of Pinterest...

Happy Friday!

Jan 8, 2013

Plaids & Flannels!

Right now I am obsessed with plaids and flannels!  If you saw what I wore everyday you might think I was a lumberjack or maybe Scottish.  I feel like one living out here so far from the city and in single digit temperatures!

image credits found here

I just made some valances for my kitchen that are a plaid too...AND my parents brought back a little plaid kilt for Allie and plaid tie for Macsen from Scotland.  So, yeah, obsessed.

Jan 7, 2013

Living Room & Kitchen Before & After!!!

I have been talking your ears off writing your eyes off about all the things we have been doing to the house and now I am finally going to share some before and afters!

First of all, we tore up the linoleum and put down laminate flooring from Costco

I didn't count the fridge as part of our budget for the remodel, because we had to buy one when we moved in anyways.

Read about our antique brass drawer pulls here

Painted our cabinets white.

 Read about our budget here!

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