Jun 30, 2010

Blog Swap: Morgan from Meet Virginia

Hey Guys!
I'm Morgan!!!

Jess asked me to share a few of my favorite things so here we go!!

A Few Of My Favorite Things:

{In no particular order ;)}

~I LOVE to be creative in any shape or form! I started Meet Virginia as an outlet for being creative and to share ideas with everyone in the blogosphere!

{Plate Mural}

~I have recently become addicted to Fresca! Its so refreshing and I think the perfect summer time drink!

~I love treating my dogs like they are humans ;).

{Love love love love love my boys!}

~I love fashion! I graduated from a Fashion Merchandising program in the fall and loved every minute of it!!

{Funky-O Scarf Tutorial HERE}

I also do a weekly posting called: Weekend Wear. It's fun, and full of great tips on current trends, and how to dress for your body type!
{Weekend Wear #3}

~My favorite color is most def YELLOW! Its so bright and cheery!

~I am obsessed with The Rocket Summer! Bryce truly is amazing!
~I am a TV fanatic! Some of my favorite shows are: Survivor, The Big Bang Theory, Project Runway, Design Star, The Hills (it's the hubs and I's guilty pleasure!), and so on and so on!

~I love to crochet its so relaxing to me!

{Crocheted Bib Necklace}
~I love a good gossip magazine!

~My favorite holidays are: Halloween, and the Fourth of July!!

~I love having a tan but don't always have time to lay out! So I found this awesome self tanner you guys have go to try, it's from Victoria Secret and looks so so natural plus its cheap! I almost had my hubby convinced to try it!

~I Love thrift shopping! Taking old things and revamping them is my favorite, and also saves money another one of my favorite things!!

{New Plaques with Personality!}

~I Love blogging and getting to meet new friends like Jess!! Isn't she the best!

Well I think that's it in a random nutshell. Want to learn more about me hope on over I'd love to have ya!!

Thank you Jess for letting swap with you today girl! I had such a blast posting for you guys and can't wait to get to know you better! If you have any questions about anything or just for fun please let me know I am more than happy to help! Hope you all have a great day!! Thanks again! Love, love.


Sharon Cohen said...

I just hopped in from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop and you two had me confused for a few minutes. But, I think I caught on. I'm looking forward to reaping the obvious benefits of being follower to both of you ("Meet Virginia" and "A Few of My Favorite Things")

I have a greeting card shop for wives on Zazzle that both of you may want to browse from my blog. I hope you'll both accept my invitation to follow me back at http://bythesefruits.blogspot.com

Laura @ Just For Love said...

Both of you girls seem so sweet! I really liked your "favorite things" post, Meg. I've been using some generic self lotion tanner from Walmart...definitely have to try the victoria's secret stuff. It looks like good stuff!

Laura @ Just For Love said...

Eww! Why did I just call you Meg? Your name is MORGAN! I'm sorry. What am I like 90 years old and can't remember a name 5 seconds after reading it? Sorry, haha!

Jessica Hills said...

I really want to try that tan lotion now! I love this post so much. Thanks again for swapping with me!

Meet Virginia said...

Thanks so much for having me Jess! You totally HAVE to try it it works wonders!!


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