Mar 28, 2012

Turquoise Cabinets

Lately I have been seeing the prettiest kitchens ever and most of them have painted cabinets!  I think if we buy a house with ugly cabinets I am going to have to convince my husband to let me paint ours.  Right now I am loving the turquoise ones, along with some neutrals like grey, white, and beige...what about you?

Maybe if I am too chicken to do my cabinets I would do a small kitchen cart instead:

You can find image credits here

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Rach said...

love the kitchen cart idea. that's where I'm at with colored cabinets right now, too...just a statement piece, maybe even one that's mobile so if you don't love it in a year, it's no biggie. :) you have such excellent taste--I would die for any of those kitchens!

Natalie Smith said...

I love the colored cabinets...I just wonder how quickly I would get over them?!
Those are some pretty kitchens.

Heather Truckenmiller said...

I always want to paint my kitchen, but this post made me walk out to the kitchen and try to envision all the cabinets in turquoise... And maybe I can add some molding to the doors for interest.

My husband may ban me from the internet. It gives me too many ideas! :-)

Unknown said...

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