Mar 30, 2012

To Splurge or Not to Splurge?

So, usually I am a pretty thrifty gal.  We're talking a single-ply toilet paper-buying person that also doesn't use paper towels hardly ever to save money.  However, I have been on the fence when it comes to buying clothing.  Do I buy the well-made expensive brands and only buy classics that I can wear forever?  Or do I go with the cheaper stuff because I get sick of my clothes every half a year?

Lately I have been on this kids clothing kick and have decided that instead of getting a lot of clothes that I kinda like I would rather buy a few things that I LOVE.  Allie usually cycles through her 3 favorite shirts and 2 favorite pants anyways...

So, here is the question:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hunter Rain boots and SO want them for my kids, but $50 for a pair of shoes?  Really?  Do any of you own some of these?  What do you think?  I can't find any knock-offs that are just as cute.  Are there any out there?  Also, would you go with the youth style (above) or the baby/toddler style that is a little cheaper (on the right?)

I am thinking that just MAYBE I could justify these if I buy colors that my boys and girls can wear so they can cycle through all of my kids...I am loving these green ones, but also could buy red or navy blue...
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Unknown said...

Love the hunter boots- they are so cute. And I completely agree with your logic- if you get a neutral color- your kids could share them. This would guarantee they'd get lots of wear. Good Luck!


Mary said...

I've been searching forever for a pair of rain boots that I like. I have them in my mind and me splashing in puddles but so far I can't afford the ones I vision LOL

I recently came across this site via my tweeter with a a boot sale and they have a lot of rain boots children sizes too. Great deals.