Oct 28, 2011

Simple Halloween Craft

A couple weeks ago, while my mom was in town, I got to go spend time with some of my favorite people.  Me and a few cousins had a little "girls night" making a cute Halloween craft and eating food.  It was fun, and I decided to take some pics of their cute crafts to share on the blog. 

First cut out blocks of wood and sand the edges.  Then paint them black or any color you want.

Next cut out cute paper for each block.  You can also make these for other holidays and use other seasonal paper.

Mod Podge the paper onto the blocks of wood. 

Use less on the back to prevent bubbles from forming.

Add cut outs if desired, but make sure to leave room for the letters.  You might even want to do the cut outs after you put on the letters.

Another cute thing you can do is brush the edges of the blocks and paper onto a black stamp pad.  It causes a weathered/aged look that is really cool. :)

And after adding the letters, here is an example of the finished product:

I wish I would have taken pics of all the finished ones- everyone did something a little different and they were all super cute. 

Thanks for the fun night girls! 


Janiegirl said...

So much fun! I'm definately adding these next year! Thanks for the idea!

Jill said...

Ooh! I made blocks like this last year! I love the paper you chose! http://www.envirocraftiness.com/2010/09/boo.html