Dec 9, 2010

My Usual Self

Okay, so I may be overwhelming some of you with all these giveaways...I am sorry, and I promise that I will be back to my usual blogging posts after Christmas.  It has been hard not to share some of the things I have seen and loved lately, so I will share a few:

Love these outfits; these are totally things I would wear...besides the hat (I am not a hat person)

 And I totally want to do a photo shoot similar to the look of that first picture...

LOVE this dining area:

 LOVE this bedroom:

LOVE this entry:

 LOVE this nook:

I want to make this headband:

I want some nail polish this color:

 And some slippers like these:

 And I love this saying:

And this one:



Justine said...

The bedroom looks so crisp! I love it.

Just Better Together

Lee said...

The popcorn popper looks great. Thanks for the giveaways as it linked me to so many handmade shops for the holidays!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i am DROOLING over those rooms- especially that first dining room! and love the prints, too! you've got some good taste! ;)

Marisa Midori said...

That orange door and foyer are magical! I'd love to walk into that house (or live there).