Oct 23, 2009

I Just Get Too Attached

Today is the first moving day... Trey and I have been married 3 1/2 years and we have lived in 4 different places. We have been here the longest. We have had a great almost-2-years here.

When we moved into this apartment it was January and I was pregnant. I was trying not to carry anything heavy, but probably wasn't as careful as I should have been. It was a happy day- we had been living with Trey's parents for a few months and were excited to have our own place again.

This time is bittersweet. I am not sure if I am more excited or more sad. I am excited for change and for meeting new people and redecorating. I am excited for the big windows and vaulted ceilings in our new apartment. I am sad that we are leaving such a good ward with so many good people that I love.

I am sad that we are leaving an apartment we brought our first baby home to. We made so many sweet memories here. We took lots of walks by the duck pond and to the playground. We loved living in our own "tree house" where we could see the seasons change right outside our window. Allie loved pressing her little nose against that window and looking outside everyday. Then she would stick her tongue out and suck on it and I would laugh at her.

It is sad to leave here with those memories and so many others, but I know we will be making lots more wherever we go. And, when the time seems to be flying by too fast to remember everything, it is good to remember that I will have forever with my little family.


Danielle said...

Aww, I know the feeling! It was tough leaving the first apartment that my fiance and I ever lived in and we were there for 2 years. It's so exciting to have a new place to make memories in though.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

You will make wonderful new memories in your new home! :)

Maria said...

tear tear tear ;-) We will sure miss you guys here too! But, no worries, we'll still see you around Mom's group activities and that will ease the pain! ;-) Happy new apartment decorating!

Natalie said...

Are you all settled in your new place? Where are the pictures? :)

Hope everything is going well.

Anonymous said...
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Deborah Raymond said...

What beautiful, beautiful people... how wonderful that the camera caught the true essence of who you both are! Good luck in your new home!