Aug 20, 2009

What I am Grateful for Today

That crayons are washable.

That Allie can put her toys away by herself (when she wants to.)

That my crockpot makes dinner for me while I do more important things (like play with Allie, clean the apartment, and edit my photos :).)

That Photoshop makes my pictures look so much better!

That Costco came out with some new awesome photo books and I can't wait to make one.


Fister Family said...

Ha,ha! Believe me, I am grateful that crayons are washable too! I am also grateful for a crockpot. I know I will be grateful for photoshop when I finally get it. For now I am using photoshop express which basic online editing and storage, but I want something I can get a little more creative with:)

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

All wonderful things for which to be grateful - I second that!

I'll have to check out Costco's photo books (and desperately need to learn how to use photoshop!)