May 11, 2016

Platypus Hydration Pack and PackTowl

I was given a couple fun products to try out and took them with me to Hawaii.  You are going to think I am a little ridiculous about them, because having them made a huge difference made the travel and adventurous things we got to do go much more smoothly than if we hadn't.

First of all, traveling with the Platypus hydration-pack was amazing.  It fit SO much into it for seeming like a compact size.  I fit my books and magazines, big DSLR camera, snacks, wallet, phone, portable charger, sunscreen, chap-stick, sunglasses, and more all safe and sound in it.  Everything was really easy to get to since it was very well thought-out and organized.

Once we got to Hawaii I took it everywhere we went.  It was so helpful and so handy.  The weather was sub-par while we were there- rainy half the time and sunny half the time (off and on every day) so we really planned on getting wet and sandy/muddy pretty much everyday.  

I put my really nice, expensive Nikon camera in it and it stayed safe and dry the whole time with constant sand, water, rain showers, mud, kayaking down a river, boating along the coast for 5 hours, standing below a waterfall for an hour, etc.  It has a rain cover that comes out of the bottom pocket that is super easy to pull out and cover it with.  I honestly don' know if my camera would still be working after this trip if I hadn't had this bag.  It became a joke after the first few days of how much I loved this backpack and kept finding new things about it that I loved.  It was easy to talk about the many ways and bug Trey by purposefully talking about it so much haha!

The Pack Towls (luxe)were super great because they fit in a tiny little bag and we could bring them anywhere.  They soaked up the water really well and they even were easy to shake sand off.  I loved the extra big size of the purple and Trey liked the normal sized green one.  We didn't have to worry about asking for beach towels every day from the resort.  I will definitely be using these ALL summer long and probably even at home in the winter.

The Platypus backpack kept my hands and arms free to use at all times - I loved that!  I wore it with all sorts of clothing (even just a swimsuit) and it never rubbed or made me hot- the back has a mesh lining that keeps the back from even touching you so the air can move through the back of it and keep your back cool.  There is also a waist support you can clip and put all the weight on your hips when you are carrying a lot- I did this on our hikes and I felt like I wasn't carrying anything at all!

I am excited to have these for the summer this year!  I plan on taking the kids to the lake, pool, hiking, boating, and all sorts of fun things and both the towels and backpack will be so awesome to have!  If you are planning any fun adventures this summer you would LOVE to have either of these products.  Especially if you are a big outdoors-man.  They would also make really great Father's Day gifts if you are looking for something really fun for Dad. :)
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