Oct 28, 2014

My Top Ten Winter Essentials

You guys, it is supposed to maybe snow this week...SNOW!  Ugh, the dreaded Utah winter is upon us and it is never something I look forward to.  Luckily it begins with the holidays, which is most definitely the most wonderful time of the year...then drags on for another couple months.  So, today I am sharing the little things that help get me through it.

1. Cute boots

Just bought myself some really cute ones at Target:

2. Cozy, warm scarves

The bigger the better- almost like carrying around a small blanket at all times.

3. Cetaphil

I love Cetaphil because it is so gentle and fragrance-free- because I am just lathering the stuff on ALL winter long, and I can use it with my babies.  AND it doesn't clash with any perfume.  Right now I've been loving their Restoraderm line and also the moisturizing cream.

4. Chapstick

I HATE wearing lipstick or lipgloss- so ChapStick is the answer when I want something a little bit more special than just vaseline.  They just came out with Total Hydration and I can't believe the difference it makes, even if I just apply it once each day. I am not a big chapstick person so applying more than once doesn't happen that often for me- so this stuff is perfect.  They come in 3 flavors and you can get them at Target.

5. Fingerless gloves

I really don't like the way gloves limit me in all sorts of ways, but driving without gloves is NOT fun (or doing a photoshoot outside) so fingerless is the answer and I LOVE my wool ones- they keep me so warm.  Got them at REI

6. Inka Coffee Substitute (non-coffee drink)

Since I don't drink coffee I am always looking for substitutes.  This is by far my favorite!  I buy it in bulk at My World Hut.

7. Cozy, warm coats

I love the look of a structured Pea Coat in the winter- all colors and lengths.  Something about putting on a pea coat and boots makes me feel so put together :) here is a cute one at Macy's

8. Long, warm socks

This doesn't need any explaining!  The softer the better too!

9. Heated blankets

The only bad thing about having heated blankets in your home is you will want to sit on the couch wrapped up in it all day..here is an affordable option at Shopko

10. A Treadmill

This is one thing I do not have yet, but may be on my Christmas/Birthday list this year (or maybe my husband's)  But, I love being able to get the blood flowing in the winter- for the many many reasons exercise is good for you, and on the treadmill with some Bachelor episodes to watch sounds pretty perfect to me :)  This one is definitely one I would love to have:

...speaking of The Bachelor- one of my friends was actually casted this year!  I am sure I'll be sharing my opinions of it here on the blog since I'll be more excited about it than usual and will have a little more insight into the show!  Stay tuned...

***Disclosure: The ChapStick® product and information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.
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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love those things too!! I especially love that coat, lotion and chapstick!! Also a treadmill is something that is on my list of things I eventually want. :)