Mar 18, 2014

Guest Post: One wedding photograph hides love, music and joy.

Photograph by Jessica Hills Photography

 I love to observe the strong connection between the music and the atmosphere created at one

wedding. It seems weird, but every time a San Francisco wedding photographer creates the tiny

memories I am pretty sure, the photographs are going to be in an absolute harmony with the

music. Is it just me or everyone else is putting soundtracks to their life constantly?

 It is like for everything you do, for every circumstance you get in, there is a special soundtrack.

And now imagine a wedding that is such an important event with so many aspects. There is a

bunch of melodies and sounds that relate to the sacred ceremony of love.

Photograph by Jessica Hills Photography

 If you look deeper into a wedding photograph, you can hear the music behind it. Of course, Ave

Maria or that wedding orchestra song is the one that pops out in your mind when you see the

photograph of the bride walking in the church. This photograph has such a sacred and quiet air.

You can feel the calm and the lovely silence of a tradition. The church in wedding photographs

looks always mysterious. It brings the beliefs and the ritual in the wedding photo album. Of

course, the picture of a couple dancing at their wedding is bringing out different beats and

rhythms. Starting with a romantic indie rock and ending up with sensual r n, b, there is a bunch

of songs that go for such pictures. When I see the wedding cake photographs, I always hear

something funky and delicious just like the chocolate crème that looks so yummy.

 The magic of wedding photographs makes us not only relive again a moment but also hear and

feel stuff. There is nothing more impressive than this. A photograph is just a thin thing, but it has

such a thick power to move people’s thoughts back in the old days, when they were young, crazy

in love and getting married.

Photograph by Jessica Hills Photography

 Your whole life has a soundtrack, it is your favorite song. Your wedding and the moment when

you are saying “ I do” has also music in the background. Every time you look at a wedding

photograph, look deeper and you’ll hear it. One picture can bring you not only the visual part of

something, but also the sound and the emotion of it. One wedding photograph hides love, music

and joy.

Written by: Catherine M. L.
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