Dec 20, 2011

Gift Guide: Owls!

From previous posts, you know that I am a fan of owls right now.  It seems like they are everywhere.  So, I just HAD to do a gift guide post on all the cute options you have for owl gift giving. :)

First up, I think there is really not a better place to buy from than Etsy.  So personal, handmade, and done by people doing something they love.

The shop with the CUTEST owl hats for kids I am featuring today is Swellamy.  She sent me this hat and it is just adorable on Allie.  I think these would be perfect for any kids or babies you are buying for.

I have also noticed really cute owl gifts for the cook:

You can find these all here


ElleSee said...

Those owl measuring cups are awesome! My sister-in-law would probably die just to get her hands on those :)

BresBaubles said...

Thank you! Owls are my fave too so I loved your post!