Dec 5, 2011

Gift Guide: For Your Husband

My husband is pretty easy to buy gifts for...usually because his NFL Sunday Ticket and other sports paraphernalia make up for all of it.  But, usually I try to get him a few little things to open Christmas morning from me.  I won't be buying any of these for him this year, but hopefully this will help you out with yours, or give you some ideas:

For the outdoors-man:

For the cook:

For EVERY husband :)

For the musician:

For the techie:

For the bicyclist:
For the sports fan:

Just go to and look up stuff from their favorite teams :)

Find all of these products here
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1 comment:

Karena said...

Wow Jess great examples. And when I DO remarry my new husband will definitely receive that book! Ha!

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