Aug 17, 2011

Maternity Fashion for the Second Trimester

Ahh the second trimester...that perfect time in pregnancy when you aren't sick anymore and not SO huge either. The ultrasound and feeling those sweet little kicks are two of the best parts of pregnancy that come with this trimester too.  Plus, a little baby belly starts to show so you can wear all those cute maternity clothes you have been waiting to wear for months now.  Some of my favorites this time around include the following:

Still, my Love 21 bootcut jeans:

Tops with an empire waist and sleeves that are just above, to, or below the elbow:

Motherhood Maternity black pencil skirt:

Old Navy Maternity V-neck Tees

(I promise they are WAY cuter on)

black is just so slimming :)

And some of the things I do to keep myself feeling good about my ever-growing body:

Do my hair almost every day, using my new favorite hair spray:

Keep my toes pretty:

Try to eat healthy- for me that is more vegetables and less white carbs:

Drink more water!

Any of you pregnant and in your second trimester right now?


Christina said...

I am about a week and a half into my 3rd trimester... oh how i wish i felt the same way as you on maternity cloths! haha, i hate them. I am still wearing my normal jeans with that belly band thing. although i dont think i will make it to November 1st like that. I also wear a lot of dresses when going out. And i stay home with my 2 yr old son, so if i am not going out, i wear yoga/workout pants or pajama pants and a tee. :)

Biz said...

I'm 33-1/2 weeks pregnant so I'm no longer in the 2nd trimester anymore!
Although I do have to say I'm still feeling phenomenal!
I have to say that my favorite items are definitely my comfy maternity capris and Motherhood Maternity tank tops!!!!

Rebecca Bany said...


I Heart Salt Lake said...

Love your picks!

Jennifer@ Blissfully Ever After said...

I just hit 8 months and feel really healthy and beautiful...despite the weight gain and swollen feet most of the time from the summer's heat. I think doing the little things every day like our hair, toes, eating healthy and exercise can make us feel great!! I try to walk 4 miles a day and it has really helped me keep from gaining a lot of weight. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery :0)

~Jennifer@ Blissfully Ever After