Dec 4, 2018

A Very Harry Potter Christmas

Anyone else's kids obsessed with Harry Potter right now?  I am so excited it has gotten my kids to read and to bond over something.  My husband and I are not really big fans, but I will highly encourage anything that my kids can bond over haha!

Here are my top ten gift ideas for a very Harry Potter Christmas:

1. Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game

My kids are loving playing games as a family so I made sure that some of the gifts this year included some of those.  You can find this one here.

2. Harry Potter Tri Wizard Maze

I am really excited to try this game too.  They both look like so much fun for the whole family.

3. Make some butter beer!

Why not make your kids some butter beer for a fun addition to Christmas dinner?  Fun and inexpensive!  Here is a recipe.

4.  Movie Set

I actually bought the entire movie set this year since the kids have been loving watching them together- and now Trey and I can give it a shot too and have some good family time.  Plus. then we will have an idea of what Allie is talking about when she gives us her 30 minute stories about the books!

5. Book Set

I haven't purchased this yet...I am not sure Allie would read the whole series again so soon.  I will probably buy it in a couple years when Macsen wants to read them and Allie can read them again.

6. Makeup Brush Set with Necklace

I got this makeup brush set for Allie and she is going to love it!

7. Quidditch Ball Drone

The boys are getting some cheap drones this year so I thought Allie better get one too- how cool is this one?!

8. Clothing

If I hadn't just spent like $500 on kids clothes this last year I would be buying up all the Harry Potter clothes for the kids I could.  I just can't justify it haha!

9. Puzzles

My kids love doing puzzles during the lazy holiday vacation days.  These will be perfect to have out during Christmas Break.

10. Harry Potter World

This year for Christmas my kids are being extremely spoiled and their big Christmas present is a trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood.  This will be our big family trip for the year and I am so excited to see their faces when they find out we are going and when we actually go!

Ok, now no one spoil these surprises for my kids if I see you in real life! Hope this helps if you are looking for some Harry Potter gifts!

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