Sep 1, 2017

Favorite Fall Porches

Fall is the best time of year in Utah!  I always get so excited when I start seeing the leaves change and love to add a touch of Fall to my house.  My previous Fall/Halloween porch looked like this:

I have always kept it pretty simple and either use flowers that are mid-late summer bloomers or add some mums to my planters (my favorite Fall flower)  Pumpkins add so much too. 

I am excited to add some Fall touches to my new porch, but really excited to get the yard in and plant lots of mums in the flower beds that will come back every year.

Here are some of my favorite Fall porches:

Image sources can be found here

If those images don't get you excited for Fall I don't know what will!  Hopefully they give you some ideas for your own porch! :)

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