Jun 10, 2014

The Diaper Dude for Dad

So I don't know about all of the husbands out there, but my husband REALLY doesn't like to carry my girlie diaper bags and purses being used as diaper bags.  Just the other day I asked him to take it because I had my hands full and he refused!  He said he would go take it to the car instead!  I didn't think it was that big of a deal, but apparently it is to him.  So, I jumped at the chance to review the Diaper Dude.

A diaper bag that dad won't shy away from! Specially designed for hip dads (and moms!), this cool sack has sporty messenger styling and lots of handy features for on-the-go parents.

 I love that this bag has LOTS of pockets on the outside because my husband is ALWAYS getting so frustrated when he tries to find something on the inside of my bags.  It has lots of compartments on the inside too- which makes finding things much easier for him.  

This would be a great Father's Day present for the expecting daddy :)  Go check them out along with lots of other Father's Day gifts at ElmBaby.com

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