May 1, 2013

Jamie Clark Art Giveaway!!

My sister Jamie is an amazing artist. Whether she uses a paintbrush, pencil, clay, or glass, I’ve always been impressed by what she makes. I’ve been blessed to enjoy her work for years, and now she’s finally made a way for anyone to have her beautiful art! Yep, Jamie just launched her Etsy shop, and you just have to see the things she’s making. 

I love the custom photo art that Jamie makes. You can send her any photo, and she’ll turn it into a work of art. This can be a family portrait... 

or a wedding photo... 

or cute bridesmaids...

or a picture with a pet... 

 or perhaps my favorite--Mother’s Day artwork! 

 Here’s another Mother’s Day portrait of my mother with her mom and sister. 

I think this is the cutest Mother’s Day gift!

In honor of Mother’s Day,  
Jamie is giving away a custom 8” by 10” custom print!

She’s also offering 20% off orders in her shop to readers of my blog. Just enter the promo code Mothersday2013 when you check out. It is getting a little late to get your custom order in before Mother’s Day, but you can use this discount to get a gift certificate for a custom artwork for your mom. I can’t think of a better present. 

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter, and check out her work on facebook and in her Etsy shop:

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Fister Family said...

I think these are so cool Jamie! I'm crossing my fingers!