Aug 27, 2012

Fridge Organization

Fitting it all in – making the most of your fridge space

Do you find that there is never enough room in your fridge or freezer to fit
everything in? You get home from the weekly shop and there is just no logical way
of getting everything you’ve bought into the chilled area. Even a team of NASA
scientists, working around the clock, wouldn’t be able to work this one out. It simply
can’t be done. So, you find yourself on the sofa eating a half tub of ice cream from
the freezer in order to create some room – we believe you, that’s the only reason!

The solution

Obviously, you’ve got lots of hungry mouths to feed, so you can’t really buy any
fewer provisions. You could buy more tins and ambient goods, but it’s important
to eat as much fresh fruit, veg, meat and dairy as possible. Help is at hand, though,
as there is one other solution. If the mountain won’t come to Mohammad, then
Mohammad must go to the mountain, to use a well-known phrase. In other words,
maybe it’s time you got a new fridge or freezer with more space.

These days, modern fridges, freezers and combined units are much bigger and more
spacious than ever before. They’re also much more efficient than older models,
which is good news for the environment and your electricity bill. You can even opt
for American-style fridge freezers that are wider and taller than ordinary stacked
units if you really want to maximise your storage potential.

What’s in a name?

When it comes to buying fridges and freezers, there are certain names that you can
really trust to deliver quality and excellence. Beko fridge freezers are consistentlyvoted as some of the best on the market. They are a well-established brand that’s
not going to let you down. They’re also designed to be as space-conscious as
possible – they know just how hard it can be to cram in all of the family’s weekly
food shop.

So, if you’re tired of having to rearrange everything each time you make a trip to the
shops, maybe you need something that can accommodate all your needs without
the fuss. Upgrade your fridge, freezer or both to a Beko, and see what a difference it
can make.

Author: Catherine M.L.

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